Episode #35: How to Develop Your Character {Podcast}

Episode #35: How to Develop Your Character

BUBBA BLOG iTunes2 Episode #35: How to Develop Your Character {Podcast}



  • What is Character
  • Why is it important to develop your character?
  • How to develop into a man or woman of Character?

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Easter, Light of Life, and the Pittsburgh Marathon

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Easter at Light of Life Last Thursday at Light of Life, all of the staff and the clients in our programs came together and celebrated Easter. There was a period of time devoted to giving everyone an opportunity to share what the resurrection of … [Continue reading]

Geneva’s MSOL/Serving Leader Conference with Henry Cloud Recap


Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending Geneva College's MSOL/Serving Leader Conference. It was an opportunity to spend a day learning from one of my heroes, Henry Cloud. I had the opportunity to meet him and snag a picture! I was pumped! I've … [Continue reading]

Episode #34: John Nuzzo


Learning to Lead Episode #034: John Nuzzo **Note: This podcast is split into two parts. I've also added the time where you can find each question in the episode in the "Questions" portion of the show notes.  Bio: John Nuzzo is the senior … [Continue reading]

6 Reasons Why You Need to Produce and Share Your Content with the World


Have you ever thought about starting a blog, a podcast, writing book, or producing anything that has the potential to make a difference in the lives of others? Or perhaps you've started something and you're afraid to share it with the world. I meet … [Continue reading]

Do Your Neighbors Know Who You Are?


That's the wrong question to ask. I was meeting with a local leader recently and he made a statement that really challenged me. He said, "I used to think that because I was a leader, my neighbors should know who I am. However, over the years, God … [Continue reading]