Singular Moments in Someone’s Long Life

I am currently going through a sales training program through Sandler Peak Performance in the South Hills. It has been excellent so far. A few weeks back, we devoted an entire hour and a half to talk though making cold calls. Even though I love connecting with new people, making calls to people I do not know can be scary, which makes it easy to procrastinate.

During the training, the trainer made one comment that changed my entire outlook on cold calling and caring about what people think. He said, “We are singular moments in someone’s long life.” 

That statement set me free from the fear of cold calling. In fact, that helped me deal with a lot of the fears I have around what I think people may think, say, or do.

How? It helped me to not take myself too seriously. When I would make calls like that before, I would be thinking thoughts like, “What if I mess this up? What if they reject me? What if I get screamed at? What if nothing comes out of the call? What if I fail? What if they think I am stupid? What if they tell everyone how bad I am?” I would also ask a lot of similar questions after I made a call.

Honestly, even if all of those things happened, does it really matter? It’s a singular moment in your long life. Singular moments do not define you.

For the people on the other side of the call that you are afraid of, your call  probably took up a few minutes of their day, they got off the phone, continued what they were doing and never thought about it again. To them, we were just a singular moment in their long life. So why should we let it consume our day and hold us back from moving forward with our goals?

What have you been letting fear hold you back from doing?

If it’s fear of what people might say, think, or do, just remember that you are a singular moments in their long life. It ultimately does not matter what they think, say or do. Do your best to make those singular moments count, but don’t let them consume your thought life and paralyze you.

Whether it’s cold calling or pursuing a dream, be bold, be courageous,  and stop worrying about what people think! Just go for it!


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