5 Reflections from my Decade Review

What I learned from Reflecting on the last Decade of my Life

Every year during the last week of December, I do a year-end review. You can learn more about my process for that here. In May, I turned 30 and decided to do a decade review. I reviewed all of my year-end reviews from the last decade of my life. It was a great experience. In fact, I will be recording a two-part podcast of the top lessons I learned in my twenties that will be published in August and September of this year. Today, I simply want to share with you a few things I learned from the actual practice of reviewing a decade of my life. Here we go:


1.) I’m Extremely Glad that I Journal – I started journaling in 2004. You can learn how I journal here. It’s been said that a journal is an intimate record of the journey the Lord and I are traveling on. I love that at any point in time I can pick up a journal from any year and start to read about what my life was like that year, the memories I made, what I was learning, and what I was doing. If you don’t journal, I want to encourage you to start today.


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