1 Year of Blogging (Part 1): Why I Blog – And Why You Should

“Leadership is influence, Nothing more, Nothing Less.” –John Maxwell

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year either! I want to take a few posts and talk to you about why I blog, what I’ve learned, how to start a blog, what blogs you should be reading,  etc.. I hope it helps you and by the end of it, I hope that you’ll start you’re own blog.

Why I blog:

I Blog for Me – It may sound odd, but blogging has really helped me learn a lot about myself. What I’m passionate about, what’s important and what’s not, etc.. Also, I would love to write several books one day and it’s really helping me write consistently and evaluate my writing. It also helps me gather my thoughts on a subject and get them out on writing, helping me to learn the subject quicker and easier. These are just a few of the benefits!

I Blog for You – I know that the best minute I can spend today is the one I spend investing in people. It’s said that the average person will unintentionally influence 10,000 people in their life. That’s unintentionally! I think a blog is just one way to intentionally influence people. And to be honest, I’ve had people that I haven’t talked to in years say that my blog posts have helped them. If only one person read my blog and was positively influenced by it, I’d do it! I blog because I want to add value to your life.

Answers to Arguments I’ve Heard on Why People Don’t Blog:

Nobody Cares what I have to Say: This bothers me big time! Your life has a ton of value and if you’d believe that and act on it, I think you’d realize you have a lot more influence than you think. Step out and believe God that what you have to say can make a difference in the lives of others.

I Don’t Have Time – People have time for what they want to have time for. If you believe in your blog enough and believe it’s making a difference – you’ll make time for it.

Why You Should Blog

You Should Blog for Others – You’ll be able to influence people that nobody else can influence through your blog. People are waiting desperately for the answers you may provide on your blog. You could change someones life forever! Just think, even if only one person reads your blog and is changed by it, isn’t it worth it?

You Should Blog for You – It’s almost like a journal on steroids – a place to record what you’re learning, what you’d like to teach, your thoughts, your concerns, your journey through life. It’s a wonderful experience.

Articles You Should Read about Why You Should Blog:

Here is a video presentation by Michael Hyatt on why you should blog:


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