1 Year of Blogging (Part 2) – How To's and Tips on Blogging

A lot of people ask me about blogging – How do you start one, what should I write, etc… Here are some links that have helped me… I hope they’ll do the same for you:

This is the best article I’ve found that will help you start a blog:

Three Websites that Consistently write on and help me with blogging:

As far as tips from me… After a year – I’d say this:

Be Personal while Adding Value – Personally, I enjoy when people consistently blog content and occasionally blog about their personal lives. If it’s all content, I don’t feel like I ever get to know you, and if it’s all personal, I know way too much about you and get bored quickly.

Less is More – This is hard for me and I’m still working on it. The truth is, very few of us will read a blog post that takes longer than a minute to read. Be quick and the to point.

Be consistent – I’m not saying blog everyday, but be consistent enough so that I’ll want to come back and visit your blog consistently.

Be Yourself – I enjoy blogging because it teaches me a lot about me. For a while, I tried blogging like everyone else who was a “popular” blogger. Now, I’m just learning to be me!

Know Your Audience – You need to have a way to measure whether or not what you are putting out there is effective. The best tool I’ve found for that is Google Analytics. It tracks everything from what people are reading, to where they’re from, how they got to your site, how much time they spent on it, how they got there, etc.. It helps you learn about you and the people you’re influencing through your blog.

What about you out there in the blogosphere? What do you think some good blogging tips are?


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