1 Year of Twitter…What You Need to Know, Who You Should Follow


I’ve been on Twitter for a year already… Hard to believe! However, I absolutely love it.

Included in this post are some articles that will help you understand Twitter and how to effectively use it as well as some people worth following on Twitter. I’m sure I’ll have some more posts on Twitter in the future… Hope this one helps! At the bottom of this post is a video that Twitter plays on it’s homepage… It is a brief explanation of Twitter…

Articles on Twitter – How to, Answers to Objections, Why, Etc.

So Who Should You be Following… These People:

Victory Family Church Twitterers:

@lifeatvictory – Victory Family Church

@VictoryBible – Victory Bible Institute

@19North – Young Adult Ministry

@I_am_Revolution – Youth Ministry

@pcdebower – Associate Pastor

@stvmoore – Executive Pastor

@nathan_hurst – Youth Pastor

@zackblair – Young Adult Pastor (19 North)

@mdgates – Business Administrator

@chrismart_in – Website/Creative Director

@seweaver1 – VBI Assistant

@bubbasmith – Youth Assistant (me)

@smoore001526 – Youth Assistant

Leaders You Should Follow:

@michaelhyatt – CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing

@johncmaxwell – Leadership Guru

@joycemeyer – Ministry

@perrynoble – Senior Pastor at Newspring Church

@stevenfurtick – Senior Pastor at Elevation Church

@erwinmcmanus – Senior Pastor at Mosaic Church

@jeannemayo – Youth Pastors/Leader Coach

@johnpiper – Pastor/Author

@bcoop – Youth Pastor at Newspring Church

@tomziglar – Zig Ziglars Son

@andystanley – Senior Pastor North Point Church

Others I Enjoy Following:

@lbettencourt – Finishline Ministries . . . Great friend and personal mentor

@benrath – 19 North Coordinator, friend, mentor

There are a ton more people I follow that I’d love to mention… but I just recommend jumping on board and finding the people that you want to follow. If you have any other questions about twitter – let me know! I’m sure I’ll do more posts on Twitter in the future!


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