2014 Recap

I just finished my 2014 year end review. Overall, 2014 was an amazing year. God was so good to us. Below, I share my final goal assessment, what we accomplished in 2014, what books I read, things I need to work on in 2015, and highlights from the year.

If you don’t already, I would really encourage you to review and reflect on everything that happened in your life in 2014! I would love to hear how you did with your goals, what you accomplished, and what your highlights were. Feel free to share by commenting below this post!


Final Goal Assessment: I set a lot of goals, but these were my top 10 goals of 2014 (I added one – Learning to Lead). Overall, I am pleased with what I accomplished in 2014. If I didn’t hit a goal, it is because I did not have a detailed enough plan to follow for it, I didn’t schedule it, or I let fear hold me back from it. I will make the necessary changes in 2015 to ensure that doesn’t happen again! Here are my top 10 goals of 2014:

  • I Wrote and Published an E-Book and a Book  – I did not do it. I did not put a plan in place to make sure this happens. I didn’t schedule time to do it.
  • We bought a House – We decided to not buy a house in order to save more for a down-payment. This is a 2015 goal.
  • I Raised $100k more with my Donors – Complete. I raised $168,000 more.
  • I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon with Laura in under 3:45 – Done! I finished in 3:42 and Laura finished in 3:35.
  • I recorded 12 Learning to Lead Personal Podcasts/Interviews –  I recorded 21 out of my goal of 24 podcasts. While I am pleased, I need to do a better job of scheduling time to do the personal podcasts.  You can listen to the podcasts here.
  • I had 50 Speaking Opportunities – I had 30 speaking engagements this year. This one is interesting because I don’t really push or look for speaking engagements, I just accept opportunities that are given to me, which makes this goal out of my control. I’m rethinking this as a goal for 2015.
  •  I started a Mastermind Group that meets on a consistent Basis – We started a Learning to Lead small group that meets twice a month and serves as a Mastermind group. It’s been great!
  • I started Mentoring a Group of Young Leaders – I did this, but not as intentionally as I would have liked. We are also using our learning to lead small groups to serve this goal. It allows me to spend time with more people than I would be able to one on one each month.
  • I have 6% Body fat and weigh 175 lb.. through December 31st – I do not weigh 175 lbs., however I am pleased with where I finished the year in the area of health and fitness.
  • We Made $X, Saved $X, Invested $X, and Gave $X – We hit our financial goals this year.
  • Learning to Lead – One of the things I am most proud of is starting Learning to Lead this year. It’s something that’s been in my heart for years, I just never had the courage to step out. Thanks to Laura and several mentors, I finally got the courage to step out! It’s been an absolute blast!


Things I need to Work On:

  • Gossiping vs. Confronting – I need to confront issues when I have them, not gossip.
  • Spend more time with the men, women, and children in our programs
  • Structuring my goals – A lot of the goals I set were unrealistic because I didn’t make detailed enough plans to accomplish them. For example, I always hit my marathon goals because I have a very specific plan and structure for what to do and I follow the plan. I need to create the same plans for all of my goals or else I will not accomplish them.
  • Getting rid of distractions – checking e-mail, social media, focusing on low-priority activities, etc.



  • Published 11 talks from Churches
  • Published 21 episodes of the Learning to Lead Podcast
  • Raising $168,000 more than last year through my donor base at work
  • Having 30 speaking engagements
  • Raised over $288,000 for Light of Life on the Pittsburgh Foundations Critical Campaign
  • Raised over $82,000 for the Pittsburgh Day of Giving
  • We stopped using credit cards.
  • Ran a marathon in 3:42! Pittsburgh while raising over $14,000 for Light of Life!
  • Raised over $76,000 with our Marathon Team for Light of Life
  • Helped lead the Tour with Tunch
  • Stayed in Great shape most of the year
  • Providing over 423 Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets through Light of Life
  • Gave over $X
  • Started Learning to Lead – Held 3 breakfasts and 8 small groups!
  • Created special memories with Laura (NYC, Conferences, Galas, Speaking Opportunities, Vacation, family memories)
  • Served at Thrive
  • Completed P90X3 and the 21 Day Fix
  • Went on our own vacation (San Fran, Napa, and Yosemite)
  • Read 25 Books
  • Went through Life Group
  • Met with Mike’s group consistently
  • Got into Sandler Training and the Pittsburgh Rotary
  • Completed the Tough Mudder
  • Became close with my dad and created some special memories with him this year


Bucket List Items Complete:

  • Visit Yosemite National Park
  • Visit San Fran
  • Visit Napa Valley
  • Visit Annapolis
  • Saved over $X
  • Gave over $X
  • Went to Good Morning America
  • Snow Mobiling in Jackson Hole Mountains for Christmas
  • Went to Jackson Hole for Christmas
  • Ran another marathon, my 6th (Bucket list goal 10)
  • Lived without debt for another year
  • Completed our 2nd year of marriage



  • God a new blog interface
  • Completed P90X3
  • Completed the 21 Day Fix
  • Completed 21 L2L Podcasts/11 Church Podcasts
  • Started Sandler Sales Training
  • Zeta Raisley being born
  • Grandma having tea at the William Penn with Laura
  • Watching Season 9 of 24
  • NYC trip with Laura to Good Morning America
  • The Justice Conference
  • Chik Fil A Leadercast
  • Guys trip to Annapolis – Naval Academy
  • Leadership Summit with Laura
  • Going to TedX Grandview
  • Man-Up with Mike
  • Light of Life graduations
  • CAP Day with Frankling Graham – Light of Life – Urban Impact
  • Tour with Tunch and Wolf
  • Going to Reid Carpenters gathering of Leaders
  • Annapolis Guys Trip
  • Phone conversation with Reid Carpenter
  • Seeing Henry Cloud at the Geneva Conference
  • Finishing the Pittsburgh Marathon with Laura: 3:35:02 and 3:42 while raising over $20,000 combined for Light of Life
  • Raising $82,000 on the Day of Giving in May
  • Sean Moore’s Bach Party in NYC
  • Weddings: Sean Moore, Lauren Lorenzi, Megan Clark!
  • Our Learning to Lead Vision Night in July on Mt. Washington at the Carnegie Library
  • Speaking at JAC 2014!
  • Laura speaking at JAC Camp and KILLING IT!
  • Speaking to the Women and Children’s program
  • Learning to Lead Vision Night, Breakfasts
  • Interviewing Ken Coleman and Rachel Cruze
  • Getting VIP tickets to Dave Ramsey’s events
  • Surpassing my fundraising foal by $168,000
  • Learning to Lead Small Group: Mike’s, Our house, Melissa’s House, Natalies house – Thanksgiving! Goal setting!
  • Thanksgiving at Light of Life – 423 Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets
  • Men’s Program Christmas Party
  • Paying off our credit card totally and moving to cash
  • Walking with my dad through Bradfordwoods
  • Galas: Pittsburgh Fellows, PKF, Sherry’s Celebration, Young Life, Light of Life at Heinz Field, Youth for Christ,
  • Tough Mudder
  • Life Retreat at Victory and Life Group
  • Watching it’s a wonderful life with my dad
  • Celebrating Christmas with Laura – PPG, Phipps, Nine on Nine
  • Allegheny West Christmas House Tours with our Dads
  • Christmas in Jackson Hole
  • Raising $280,000 in one day on the Day of Giving – Light of Life – Pittsburgh Foundation
  • Hudson was Born
  • Logan Rice was born


Books Read:

  1. Smart Money Smart Kids by Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey
  2. Hidden Power by Tommy Barnett
  3. The Power of Habit
  4. Money by Tony Robbins
  5. Never Go Back by Henry Cloud
  6. All In by Mark Batterson
  7. Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels
  8. Prospect the Sandler Way by John Rosso
  9. The 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell
  10. Visioneering by Andy Stanley
  11. Good Leaders ask Great Questions by John Maxwell
  12. The God Ask by Steve Shadrach
  13. The Pursuit of God by Tozer
  14. The 7 Faces of Philanthropy by Russ Alan Prince
  15. Jesus Is by Judah Smith
  16. The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  17. 9 Things a Leader Must Do by Henry Cloud
  18. The Legend of the Monk nd the Merchant by Terry Felber
  19. Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath
  20. The Dark Side of Leadership by Gary McIntosh and Sam Rima
  21. Developing the Leaders around you by John Maxwell
  22. The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris
  23. Who You are When No One is Looking
  24. Visions of Vocation by Steven Garber
  25. Playing God by Andy Crouch

As I reflected on 2014, I can’t help but thank God for everything He has done. He’s been so good to us. Looking back, I’ll recognize 2014 as a huge year of growth. A year that God made me work on some things that were difficult to work on, but were necessary for me to continue to grow to my maximum potential.

Now that we’ve lived and reflected on 2014, it’s time to press forward into 2015! Remember, every year starts with a blank page! 2014 has been written. I am looking forward to writing 2015!


What about your 2014? What were some of your main themes for the year? Your highlights? How did you do with what you set out to do in 2014? What do you need to start doing in 2015? What do you need to stop doing? Comment below and let me know about your year!

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