2014 Leadercast Recap

On Friday, I got to attend the 2014 Leadercast at Grace Community Church in Cranberry. It was an excellent conference! You can check out what Leadercast is all about on their website. They have a ton of resources available for leadership growth and development. Below, I’ve typed out my key takeaways from each session of the conference! I hope they’ll add as much value to you as they did to me!



Session 1: Andy Stanley

  • We need to become “beyond you” leaders and develop “beyond you” cultures in our organizations
  • Invest in people even when there is no return for you!
  • Invest in people even if they are going to surpass you.
  • As leaders, sometimes your words weigh 100 lbs, other times, they weigh 1,000 lbs.
  • The value of life is always measured in terms of how much of it was given away
  • The value of your leadership will be measured by how much of it was given away
  • Be willing to give up what you can accumulate for influence!
  • We celebrate generosity, but we envy accumulation
  • If we are not intentional about life being beyond us, life will be about us
  • As leaders, we need to make as few decisions as possible
  • As your organizational authority increases, your organizational IQ decreases
  • Beyond You leaders work for their teams. They ask, “What are 1-3 things I can do to help you?” Most leaders don’t ask this because people may have an answer for them and it will take time. So what! Do it anyway!
  • Learn to empty your cup – there is not enough in me to fill your cup, but it is my responsibility to empty my cup
  • What are you working on that is big?
  • If your leadership isn’t all about you, it will live beyond you
  • If your leadership is all about you, you’ll be remembered as a bad example

Session 2: Dr. Henry Cloud

  • Beyond you leaders have to get influence, you get influence through trust!
  • You understand your people when your people understand that you understand them!
  • Does your team know you’ll do whatever it takes?

Session 3: Archbishop Demond Tutu

  • How you treat others is a reflection of you
  • As leaders, it’s not about what you do, it’s about the hundreds of others in your life that have enabled you to do what you do.
  • Encourage people wherever you find them.
  • You have gifts and talents that your country needs
  • I am because of you!
  • Good leaders listen to everyone
  • Good leaders are not blindsided by the trappings of power
  • Good leaders have nothing to hide, they are accountable
  • Good leaders know when to retire!

Session 4: Laura Schroff

  • You can live 2 blocks from someone who is living in a completely different world than you are
  • The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them!

Session 5: Laura Bush

  • In leadership, nothing prepares you like experience
  • Don’t do things for popularity, it’s fleeting
  • Calm is contagious
  • Children aren’t good at listening to their elders, but they are good at mimicking them… Lead by example

Session 6: Malcolm Gladwell

  • The real reason people obey laws and follow authority is because they believe they are legitimate
  • If people won’t follow the leader, you have to ask why.

Session 7: Randall Wallace

  • There is power in giving in secret
  • Money is not the only thing we have to give
  • We are the heroes that must save this world

Session 8: Bill McDermott

  • Leaders don’t need talking points or power points!
  • It all begins and ends with your customers
  • There are 2 kinds of people: people who go for it regardless of the opportunity and people who spend their entire lives waiting for the perfect opportunity. Go for it!
  • I’m petrified of leaders who don’t celebrate accomplishments and victories!
  • Whatever you’re dreaming about… double it!

Session 9: Simon Sinek

  • In the service, we reward those who sacrifice in order for others to gain, in business we reward those who sacrifice others in order to personally gain.
  • Why should anyone sacrifice to work with you? Because they know that you’ll do the same for them!
  • A leader would never sacrifice people for numbers. They would sacrifice numbers for people.
  • Leaders always go first, but eat last.
  • Congress isn’t the issue, congress is simply a reflection of us.
  • Leadership is a choice to look after the people beside us and below us.
  • Be the leaders you wish you had!

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