My Goals for 2015

Last night, we had our first Learning to Lead small group of the year (if you would be interested in joining our group, e-mail me at We’ve been going through Chalene Johnson’s 30-day Push program and reading Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy. We all set and shared our top ten goals for 2015. It was a very inspiring night.

While it can be a little scary to share your goals with others publicly, I believe the it’s worth it! Why?

  • Sharing Your Goals Publicly Takes Courage – Sharing your dreams with others takes vulnerability and courage.  Sharing them in a safe environment has the ability to reinforce and strengthen your belief in your dreams.
  • Sharing Your Goals Publicly Creates Accountability – When you share your goals with others, there is more pressure for you to actually achieve them!
  • Sharing Your Goals Publicly Allows Others to Encourage Your Dreams – My favorite part of last night was people listening to other people’s goals and seeing everyone else get excited about them. We’ve created a small community where we can encourage each other to pursue our dreams!
  • Sharing Your Goals Publicly Opens the Door for Others to Help You Reach Your Goals – In order to achieve most of our goals, we’re going to need other people’s help. People can’t help you if they don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish! When people do know what your goals are, they naturally look for ways they can help you.

When we finished sharing our goals, I challenged everyone to help at least one person in the group to achieve one or more of their goals. Jesus said, “Do unto others what you would want done to you.” Zig Ziglar said, “You can get everything you want in life, IF you just help enough other people get what they want.” I believe helping others achieve their goals should be one of our biggest goals!

Today, I want to challenge you:

  • I challenge you to set and share your goals with someone
  • I challenge you to ask people to share their goals with you
    • Once they do, I challenge you to encourage them and keep them accountable for their goals!
  • I challenge you to help one or more people achieve one or more of their goals this year.

If you are interested in my goal-setting process, I recorded a podcast and provided notes that walk you through my process here. In this post, I just tell you what my goals are. Once I set my goals, I reverse engineer them listing all of the steps necessary to accomplishing them on a separate document. I then transfer those steps to folders in my to-do list app.

Before you read my goals, one thing I want to make note of is this: I set a lot of goals. However, as a Christian, my life is not my own, it’s God’s. Ultimately, I want to pursue and accomplish what He puts in my heart. That being said, all of my goals are subject to change at anytime if I feel like God is leading me to do something else. I do spend time in prayer praying about what I believe God wants me to do each year. I would encourage you to do the same.

What I know about God is, my goals are tiny compared to the plans and purposes He has for me. I don’t just want to accomplish what I can or want to accomplish. I want to do what He has planned! If you’re looking for a good resource on this subject, I would encourage you to listen to Christine Caine’s Podcast, “Dream Hard. Trust Harder.” which was recorded on October 14th, 2013.

My Top Ten Goals for 2015:

1.) I will Buy a House by May 15th, 2015

2.) I will Run the Pittsburgh Marathon in 3:30 while raising at least $5,000 for Light of Life

3.) I will Produce a Product to give away for free on my blog by March 1st (1st Push Goal) 

4.) I will Make Learning to Lead an official business by March 1st (2nd Push Goal) 

5.) I will create/host the following by December 31st, 2015: Create 36 Learning to Lead podcasts, host 12 breakfasts, 24 small groups, and post 3 blog posts each week, and 12 serving opportunities.

6.) I will Use a Virtual Assistant by March 1st

7.) I will Raise $X through my Donor File at Light of Life by September 30th, 2015

8.) I will go on a 10-day vacation with Laura

9.)  I will give away X% of our income this year

10.) I will intentionally add value to 25 Leaders by December 31st

Here are some of my other goals for the year:

  • Take Ski lessons with Laura
  • Go skiing for a weekend
  • Have 50 speaking engagements
  • Read 30 Books
  • Get our e-mail list over 250 people
  • Personally mentor 10-12 young leaders
  • Get a running Coach
  • Get a financial coach
  • Get a Writing Coach
  • Get a Business Coach
  • Get a Speaking coach
  • Get a life coach
  • Save $X a month toward the house
  • Save $X toward Emergency Fund
  • Save $X toward travel
  • Save $X toward retirement
  • Visit one presidential library – JFK – Visit Boston
  • Attend the Country Music Awards
  • Spend 10-15 minutes a day in prayer and meditation
  • Go through the Bible in a year!
  • Visit Olympic National Park
  • Visit Mt. Ranier
  • Explore Seattle
  • Go to Oregon or Vancouver and Explore
  • Go to Toronto
  • Go to Chicago for a weekend
  • Complete Quarterly Reviews!
  • Create a leadership develop course for leaders to go through by September
  • Speak at TedX Pittsburgh
  • Create job descriptions for Learning to Lead – Delegate – Elance
  • Attend a Tony Robins Event

What are your top 10 goals in 2015? 

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