Join Team Light of Life for the 2015 Pittsburgh Marathon

This post is for all of my running friends. I would like to ask you to join Light of Life’s 2015 Pittsburgh Marathon team. All of the details about joining our team are found below in this post.

If you are a runner, this is an awesome opportunity to not only run a great race, but to raise money for a great cause. If you have never run for a charity, I would encourage you to try it. It will be one of the most fulfilling things you will do.

Join our 2015 Pittsburgh Marathon Team 

photo 3

(our 2013 Light of Life Marathon team)

Here is all of the information you need to know: 

Light of Life is an official charity of the Pittsburgh Marathon. That means that you can choose to run any of the Pittsburgh Marathon races for Light of Life and we will pay for your registration fee. In return, you commit to raising money for us.

In 2013, we had 39 runners raise over $25,000 for Light of Life. In 2014, we had 76 runners raise over $76,000. We would LOVE it if you ran for our marathon team this year.

Our goal this year is to recruit 150 runners and raise over $100,000.

Registration will open Monday, September 22nd at 12:01 a.m. 

If you are afraid of raising money, I can promise you that the fundraising is easier than you think! I raised over $14,000 last year simply by sending bi-weekly e-mails and updating social media. I will provide you with all of the resources you need to raise money.

 Register for our Team Here! 


(our 2014 Light of Life Marathon team)

Here are a few things you need to know if you are interested in joining our team

  • You can run ANY of the races that weekend (the kids marathon, the 5k, the Relay, the half, or the full Marathon) and run for us.
  • WE PAY your registration fee as long as you raise your required fundraising amounts:
  • You will be required to raise a certain amount of money (the amount depends on which race you’re running). Fundraising is extremely easy and we give you everything you need in order to raise your funds.
  • You will get weekly encouragement, training, and accountability for your running, fundraising, etc.
  • You will get a t-shirt, a framed team picture, and more!
  • You will be a part of an AMAZING team and make great memories while raising money for the homeless men, women, and children of Pittsburgh.

Fundraising Minimums:

  • Full Marathon – $500
  • Half Marathon – $350
  • Relay – $1,250 ($250/runner)
  • 5k – $150
  • Kids – $50

 Register for our Team Here! 

Registering is easy: 

Once you register, we will send you an e-mail with everything you need to know. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!

I’m looking forward to running and raising money with you!


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  107. That lady sounds an terrible great deal like this family members therapist we had after I was hospitalized. She asked why I didn possess a work, and I explained that I’ve untreated depression and PTSD, so I don really feel able to be berated by people just however. She turns to my dad and says, “See, what she saying is that she unwilling to put any work into developing up and really wants to carry on being dependent on your dough.” Extremely aided out with the ideas of burdening some others! Thanks, lady!
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  108. I just watched a documentary yesterday on HBO or Showtime, I can remember which, about DV. I was incensed by it. The main story was about a woman who had been kidnapped by her estranged husband, as well as their younger daughter, and transported to California in a semi, whilst he beat her half to death in excess of like a 4.five day period. The quantity of effort and time it took to even obtain a prosecutor serious about the situation was unbelievable (a full Year simply to obtain a federal prosecutor to consider the situation!). It created me wonder how I could get concerned. Is advocacy only a complete time job? Like, can you volunteer? How did you will get into it?
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  110. (1 significantly more)There is a ton of new housing going up all over town. I think it might possibly produce a slight distinction but a good deal of people apartments and condos are appreciably much more expensive to rent than a shitty home, and also a decent chunk of them aren within walking distance to campus. I see everyday people renting complete dumps and I can even start to determine why they select it apart from ease. We rented a really awful home however it was so handy to campus that we ignored loads of important things, and a lot in the main concerns we didn discover until we moved in (and at that level we had been too lazy to move).
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  111. I don see how this is certainly any a variety of from spiking someone drink with alcohol to make them have sex with you. That clearly unlawful. The fact is, I think this is worse as a result of it complete goal would be to make any and all girls would like to have intercourse with you. You which makes it more difficult to say no and also rendering any yes meaningless.
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  119. A second huge dilemma I have with this particular logic is that if someone voluntarily chooses to drink and get drunk they are really 100% responsible for their actions irrespective of what. I don care when they sell their residence, rest with five many people or jump off a roof. It their particular fault and they’re accountable. If someone forces them to drink or consider a substance that renders them incapable of generating selections then I really don’t hold them at fault.
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  127. leap to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEThe law in Colorado is utterly pointless. I can possess a 30 round magazine purchased after the date the law took effect, but I can possess one particular from in advance of the law. Since there is no solution to prove when it had been bought, I could drive to Wyoming now and decide to buy 10 even more. It illegal, but unless they quit me on the border there is absolutely no approach to demonstrate I didn very own them just before the ban. The law is almost unenforceable. Not to mention silly, merely because if I had unwell intent, limiting the magazine size will add perhaps two seconds every single 10 rounds to my shooting. It a really feel fantastic law, intended to give the impression that politicians care. When they definitely wanted to speak about conserving lives, we speak about handguns. Only 400 of the 1000’s that die from a gunshot wound are shot with a rifle. Significantly more individuals are beaten to death than shot by any type of rifle.
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  130. I’ll be trustworthy, when I heard of this new ‘job bank’ sort webpage, I didn’t possess a lot of hope. After all, the greater guys like Monster and Certainly have definitely received this niche covered, will not they? And frankly, I’ve not been impressed with Monster or Indeed in any respect, they seem to give back as well many success in also a large number of categories, a lot of which find yourself searching spammy at preferred once you start out reading them and visiting their accompanying website pages. Other than Craigslist, which can be quite possibly the worst of them all, there is really not that much top notch decision for occupation seekers available. You do have your nearby state ran career financial institution web-sites, but these generally need an involved signal up system, and that is the absolute bane of my existence on-line.
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  132. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEThe law in Colorado is utterly pointless. I can possess a thirty round magazine obtained following the date the law took impact, but I can possess one from before the law. Considering there’s no solution to show when it had been obtained, I could drive to Wyoming at present and decide to buy ten even more. It unlawful, but unless of course they end me at the border there is no technique to prove I didn personal them prior to the ban. The law is nearly unenforceable. Not to mention silly, as a result of if I had sick intent, limiting the magazine dimension will add maybe 2 seconds each ten rounds to my shooting. It a really feel beneficial law, made to give the impression that politicians care. When they honestly wished to speak about saving lives, we talk about handguns. Only 400 with the thousands that die from a gunshot wound are shot with a rifle. Far more people are beaten to death than shot by any kind of rifle.
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  141. leap to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEIt a very beneficial rule of thumb in my practical experience, the individual who has the least level of entertaining at a wedding will be the MoH/bridal celebration. There just a lot work in arranging the showers, the bachelorette party, helping with decorations/favors, having to pay to become dressed by another person (which virtually nobody enjoys), after which helping the bride get dressed the day of, and also potentially helping to coordinate points the day of. Certainly, ladies agree to try and do these factors for their mates given that acquiring married at present is actually a crap ton of do the job. Definitely although, at the level that this good friend explained there can be 3 weddings, it is advisable to bow out. Even though y had been obtaining along swimmingly, three weddings is fully excessive to ask of people. Personally, I invariably required a breather immediately after only one.
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  143. So far as psychs go, I absolutely get where both of you’re coming from. Ive witnessed about five distinct ones now along with the only one that has been halfway decent was 1 I saw about 7 many years ago for a little something completely unrelated. Ive had every little thing from “are you confident your pain is real and not just somatic” (I Dislike that word) by means of to “Why dont you look at (insert some BS thought here)” as a result of breathing techniques that I presently do are likely to take my pain from an 8 to a 4 in a matter of minutes. Its like half these people have no strategy what theyre discussing. Unfortunately, I see it will take a very particular kind of an individual to consult on soreness difficulties and, for that most portion, if they havent been in chronic pain themselves, its especially difficult to relate to.
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  154. I just returned a couple weeks ago and I adore the game, nevertheless it a really solo encounter. Perhaps it just my server (Adamantoise). I understand about Totally free Firms and all that; I even joined one particular but nobody was ever on. Other video games have hubs GW2 has Lion Arch, WoW has Orgrimmar/Stormwind the place persons congregate. Does this game possess a related location, where customers congregate inside their down time?
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