My Goals for 2016

Last night, we had our first L3 Leadership Mastermind group of the year (if you would be interested in joining a mastermind group, e-mail me at We all shared our top ten goals for 2016. It was a very inspiring night.

Personally, this is my third year going public with my goals. While it was good to share my goals publicly on my blog in 2014, it was even better to share them publicly with a small group of people in 2015.  I achieved more than I ever thought I could last year and a big reason for that was our mastermind group.


While it can be a little scary to share your goals with others publicly, I believe the it’s worth it! Why?

  • Sharing Your Goals Publicly Takes Courage – Sharing your dreams with others takes vulnerability and courage.  Sharing them in a safe environment has the ability to reinforce and strengthen your belief in your dreams.
  • Sharing Your Goals Publicly Creates Accountability – When you share your goals with others, there is more pressure for you to actually achieve them!
  • Sharing Your Goals Enables You to Dream Bigger – One of my favorite things about sharing our goals with each other in our mastermind is when people “steal” goals from each other! When we hear the dreams of others, it allows us to dream bigger for our own lives.
  • Sharing Your Goals Publicly Allows Others to Encourage Your Dreams – My favorite part of sharing with a group is watching the members listening to other people’s goals and getting excited about them. We’ve created a community of leaders that encourage each other to pursue our dreams.
  • Sharing Your Goals Allows Others to Give You Feedback – When we were sharing our goals last night, several group members gave feedback to each other. Sometimes it was giving them resources they could use to achieve their goals, other times, they were challenging them to make their goals more specific. As Ken Blanchard once said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions!”
  • Sharing Your Goals Publicly Allows Others to Help You Reach Your Goals – In order to achieve most of our goals, we’re going to need other people’s help. People can’t help you if they don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish! When people do know what your goals are, they naturally look for ways they can help you.

When we finish sharing our goals, I challenge everyone to help at least one person in the group to achieve one or more of their goals. 

Zig Ziglar said, “You can get everything you want in life, IF you just help enough other people get what they want.” I believe helping others achieve their goals should be one of our biggest goals!

Before I share my goals, I want to challenge you:

  • I challenge you to set and share your goals with someone
  • I challenge you to ask people to share their goals with you
    • Once they do, I challenge you to encourage them and keep them accountable for their goals!
  • I challenge you to help one or more people achieve one or more of their goals this year.

If you are interested in my goal-setting process, I recorded a podcast and provided notes that walk you through my process here. In this post, I just tell you what my goals are. Once I set my goals, I reverse engineer them listing all of the steps necessary to accomplishing them on a separate document. I then transfer those steps to folders in my to-do list app.

Here are my 2016 Goals: 

Top Ten Goals:

  1. Consistent Date nights with Laura twice a month
  2. Prepare and Adapt well to being a father before and after baby – This is my “Push” goal. That means that this is my #1 goal and that all of my other goals are contingent on me hitting this goal! Ultimately, this is my top priority for 2016.
  3. Raise $X with MD file at Light of Life by Sept. 30th
  4. Create membership for L3 and have 50 members by the end of the year
  5. Host 1 seminar and 1 webinar each quarter
  6. Have 5-10 Mastermind groups around the city by the end of the year
  7. Write a book by December 31st
  8. Create 2 eBooks by the end of the year
  9. Finish funding our 3-6 month emergency fund
  10. Set aside 1-2 hours of think and preparation time weekly

Those are my top ten goals for 2016. Here are additional goals for each area of my life:

Goals with Laura:

  • Consistent Date Nights – Twice a Month
  • Go through a Bible Reading Plan together
  • Daily Prayer
  • Retreat in Chicago
  • Trip to San Diego
  • 1 Trip in the Fall
  • Vacation Together
  • Create a great working relationship together with L3 Leadership
  • Have a baby and adapt well
  • Give $X away!

House Goals:

  1. Paint the house
  2. Get the baby Room Ready
  3. Furnish Office – Studio
    1. Desk
    2. Hang stuff on walls
    3. Book shelf
  4. Pull-up bar in basement
  5. Finish basement?
    1. Storage/Office/Workout room?
  6. Have someone clean the outside of the house
  7. Redo Bathrooms to make more current and valuable

L3 Leadership/Doug Smith Live Goals:

  1. Create Video Curriculum
  2. Create a Young Leader Program
  3. Duplicate L3 Leadership in other parts of town
  4. Record 12 leadership lessons for the podcast
  5. Create 2 e-books and start to sell them after 3 months of offering them for free
  6. Make over $X
  7. Get 1,000 e-mail subscribers to the L3 Leadership
  8. Host 5-10 seminars/webinars throughout the year
  9. Have 50 speaking engagements
  10. Have 5-10 Mastermind Groups throughout the City (by December 31st)
  11. Speak at TedX Pittsburgh
  12. Interview All-Stars – Create a National worthy podcast
    1. Get 100+ ratings and reviews on the podcast
  13. Have several bloggers on the L3 Leadership website
  14. Outgrow Bistro to Go – Average 50-100 leaders/month
  15. Have 26 well prepared small group sessions
  16. Write a Young Leader book
  17. Develop a mentoring program
  18. Plan 2017 conference or retreat
  19. Develop partnerships around Pittsburgh
  20. Create Sponsorship fees, speaking fees, etc.
  21. Develop 4 special leadership events
  22. Have 6-12 service opportunities
  23. Develop teams
  24. Go through John Maxwell’s training program!

Light of Life Goals:

  • Raise $X in MD file by September 30th
  • Raise $X through Church support by September 30th
  • Expand Outreach Program at Light of Life
  • Speaking team in 25-30 churches
  • Have 3-4 church lunches
  • Develop great non-profit and agency relationships
  • Raise over $110,000 through the Marathon
  • Raise $X in sponsorships
  • Develop an ambassador program 

Growth Goals:

  • Becoming a Dad
  • Running a Business
  • Building a Team
  • Delegation
  • Having an opinion
  • Crucial Conversations
  • No Gossip
  • Speaking/Writing/Business/Platform
  • Finances
  • Marriage
  • Management
  • Spiritual

Spiritual Goals:

  • Pray intentionally 365/365 – Circle things in prayer
  • Intentional Quiet Time

Financial Goals:

  • Increase my life insurance to $X
  • Max out Roth IRA’s
  • Start 529 plan for our daughter in May
  • Create a Will in May
  • Invest 10% of our income into Retirement
  • Get our Emergency Fund up to $X
  • Save $X into our Vacation Fund
  • Save $X toward house fund/car
  • Budget gifts!
  • Give away $X
  • Structure streams of revenue!

Writing/Speaking Goals:

  • Join NSA – Maybe?
  • Write a book
  • Blog 3 times a week
  • 12 podcasts – 12 Interviews – 12 Breakfasts
  • 25 Speaking opportunities in church
  • 25 Speaking opportunities outside of church
  • Free Year-End Review Book
  • Making the Most of Your Year
    • How to have your best year ever!

Health/Fitness Goals:

  • Run the Pittsburgh Marathon in under 3:40 and raise $25,000 for Light of Life
  • Get down to 180 lbs and 6% bodyfat and stay there

Bucket List Goals:

  • Speak at TedX
  • Become 40 under 40
  • Have a baby girl
  • Travel somewhere we’ve never gone
  • Create a profitable business

Friends Goals:

  • Bless 1 couple of friends each month in an intentional way

Statistic Goals:

  • 1,000 subscribers to L3 Leadership e-mail list
  • 1,000 Facebook Fans for L3 Leadership & Doug Smith Live
  • 2,000 followers on Twitter
  • 2,000 followers in Instagram
  • 3,000 connections on Linked In
  • 25,000 listens to the podcast
  • 20,000 visits to Doug Smith Live
  • 10,000 visits to L3 Leadership

 What are your top ten goals for 2015? Comment below! 

Who are you going to share them with?

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