3 Letters

Every year, I try to thank all of the people who made a difference in my life throughout the year. For some people, I’ll give them a phone call and thank them for what they’ve done & to others maybe a text or a Facebook message.

Then I will specifically pick 3 people who made the biggest impact and write each of those people a letter. Then I’ll try to meet with them, give them the letter, and thank them personally for the deposits they’ve made in my life.

It’s been a great practice for me every year. It keeps me humble and grateful for all of the wonderful people God’s placed in my life.

This week is Thanksgiving, but it shouldn’t be the only week of the year we show people how grateful we are for them. We should be living lives of thanksgiving all year long!

Go out of your way to thank the people who have made a difference in your life. Make sure they know how grateful you are for their investment in you.

Who have been the three most influential people in your life this year? Why not call them, text them, or write them a letter knowing how big of an impact they’ve made on you?


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