4 Questions to Ask Yourself

I watch this video by Jim Rohn often to help me dream and believe that I can do anything! Here are four questions you should ask yourself daily:


Why should you invest in personal growth? Read? Become a leader? Get in shape? Apply for that opportunity? Ask her out? Spend more time with your family? Write that book?

Why Not?

Why wouldn’t you invest in personal growth? Why wouldn’t you want to become a leader? Why wouldn’t you get in the best shape of your life? Apply for that opportunity? Go on that trip? Write that book? Ask that person for an interview? Start a blog? Go back to school?

Why Not You?

I read this quote yesterday and thought it was great:There’s no secret to success. Did you ever know a successful person who didn’t tell you about it?” -Kin Hubbard

If anyone has attained something in life, that means you can attain it! Why can’t you marry an awesome spouse? Why can’t you raise a great family? Why can’t you go back to school? Why can’t you get your dream job? Why can’t you go on that trip?

Why Not Now?

Stop making excuses to go after an awesome life! Stop limiting yourself! Dream Big and go for it! Now! You don’t have to wait until you’re older to lead. You don’t have to clean up your life before you have a relationship with God. Now is the perfect time to start living the life you dream of everyday.

Ask yourself these questions everyday in light of every opportunity you have. Encourage yourself. Believe in yourself. Go for it.



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