4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself

I was having lunch with a mentor last week. I was asking him about how to set appropriate boundaries with people and how to spend my time wisely. He gave me four questions to use as filters while making decisions. The four questions were:

1.) Does it enhance and build my relationship with God?

2.) Does it enhance and build my marriage? 

3.) Does it enhance and build my family?

4.) Does it serve people and Kingdom? 

I am starting to use those questions to evaluate everything I do . . . From who I spend time with to the opportunities I say yes to. I am also looking at all of my current commitments and starting to ask the same questions.

These four questions are a game changer for me! I would encourage you to spend some time and evaluate everything you’re doing in light of those four questions. If what you’re doing doesn’t do those four things, you have to ask yourself if it is really worth it.

The more you find yourself saying yes to those questions, the better and more balanced your life will be.


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