4:12 Summer of Service Tribute!


12Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. – I Timothy 4:12

We just finished up our summer of service program. It’s a program where we have students come in twice a week during the summer for personal and spiritual growth along with working behind the scenes at our church in several ministries. This has been the 3rd year we’ve done it and every year I fall in love with the students we have come in! It’s so fun to watch the students grow personally, learn to work with one another, and pursue God with all of their hearts!

Here is a tribute to each one – Over our dinner celebration we gave each student an “Award” that we made up on the spot.

Ryan Nuzzo – “The Never Here Award” – Nuzz! You’re the man! Thank you for having a servants heart, for knowing and sharing the Word of God with everyone, and for making hilarious videos, or at least coming up with ideas for them!

Giant -“The Golden Toe Award” – Giant, you have a great heart and a ton of potential. Believe it!

Aaron Schmelzer – “Flirt of the Year Award” – Schmelz – we love you’re compassion. You love people and that is obvious to everyone. Thanks for making us laugh and most of all – thanks for the hugs!

Swanson – “The Most Super Powers Award” – Swanson! You’re the man! Thanks for your sarcasm, desire for personal growth, your heart for people, and willingness to be taught. You have a bright future ahead of you!

Brian Schmelzer – “The Most Plain Colored Shirts Award” – Tom Schmelzer!!! Haha… I love you brother! If you want to know what you’ll be like in 20 years – Look at your dad! Never stop being you bro!

Niki Wolbert – “Female Flirt of the Summer Award” – WOLLL – B! It’s been great having you for 2 years! You’re a leader and a great MC. I love your desire for the things of God… never lose that and watch the places where God will take you – you won’t be able to believe it!

Anjelica – “Blondest Award” – Anjelica, we are so glad you became a part of S.O.S. this year. I know you want to go into ministry and I could totally see that! You have such a heart for people! I can’t wait to see how God uses you!

Allison Hammerle –  “Most Likely to Kill Someone Award” – Allison! You’re a born leader! We love having you come in – SOS would not be the same without you, neither would Rev! Thanks for everything you do!

Ellen Limback – “Shoe Fettish Award” – Ellen, it was great having you this summer! I loved your nugget! Never lose your servants heart!

Josiah Long – “Rat Pack Award”- Josiahhhhhhhhh!!! Where would we be without you! Thanks for always coming through and being faithful! It doesn’t go unnoticed and God will promote you and take you to great places!

Michael Hampson! – “The Strongest Virtual Intern” – Hampsonite!!! I’m going to take you at in UFC 2009! Get ready! Thanks for coming in this summer – you were a blessing! Can’t wait to see how God uses you at Rev over the next few years!

Nathan Hampson – “The Most Likely to Build a Cyborg from Spare Parts from Intelligent Lights Award” – I tell you this everyday, but you’re the man and we couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you for being faithful and for dreaming big for Rev! We’re going to touch a generation together bro!

Emily Franco – “Flagger Award” – Emily! You’ve grown so much in the past 3 years! It’s been awesome watching that! You’re MCing opportunities will come! Keep being faithful and serving! You’re awesome!

Peter Reynolds – “Flirt of the Century Award” – Peter! You’ve grown so much in the past few years as well! We all love you at Rev! It would definitely not be the same without you! God has big things for you bro – believe that!

Michael Zilka – “The Best Kept Secret Award” – Zilk, your quiet, but amazing! Never quit being you – you have so much to offer and you were a huge blessing this summer! Thanks!

Thank you guys so much for the memories, growth, ideas, videos, and all of the hard work this summer. I hope it’s a summer you’ll look back on and realize it changed your life! Love you guys!


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