Interview with Rob Daley, CEO of 4moms

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This episode comes to you from our interview series, in which I interview great leaders and try to extract their best leadership practices. In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Rob Daley, CEO of 4moms. We talked about leadership and entrepreneurship. I know this episode will add a ton of value to you! Enjoy!

Rob’s Bio:

Mr. Daley has been the CEO of Thorley Industries since its formation in 2005. He leads the general strategy and business planning for the company and is specifically responsible for leading the strategic planning for sales, marketing and operations. He is deeply involved in most areas of product development, marketing and graphic and industrial design. He has primary responsibility for developing consumer insights and determining what products and features the Company should pursue. Previously he spent nine years as a venture capitalist and three years as an investment banker. He has eight patents issued and sixteen patent applications pending.

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