5 Ways to Get More Options and Opportunities at Work

A lot of people I talk to would love to get more options (freedom) and opportunities at work, they just don’t know how.

Here are 5 principles that I have learned that will help you get more of both:

Produce – Recently, I heard Henry Cloud say, “If you are not the boss, your leverage is excellent performance.” If you want options, then you have to produce results. Deliver on your goals and objectives. Better yet, produce more than you are expected to. The more you produce, the more freedom you will earn and the more opportunities you will get. This principle reminds me of a sign that was hung at a store that said, “The 57 rules of success: 1.) Deliver the Goods 2.) The other 56 don’t matter.”

Look for Ways to Fill in the Gaps – If you see something that is lacking in your team or organization, take initiative and do something about it. Have a conversation with your boss, let them know what you see, suggest a plan to fix it, get approval, then take ownership and do something about it! Always be thinking, “What could I or we be doing that would take our team/organization to the next level?”

Ask – Be bold enough to ask the leaders in your organizations what you can do to get more opportunities. Ask, “If I want to get to X, what would you suggest I do?” “What areas do I need to grow in to go to the next level?”

Do Something with What Your Told – If a leader in your organization gives you something to do or something to work on, DO IT! Do it as quickly as you can with as much excellence as you can, then report back. Earn a reputation for always completing what you’re asked to complete!

Be Teachable, Humble, and Self-Aware – > Ultimately, the best way to get options and opportunities is to grow to your maximum potential which will require you to be teachable, humble, and self-aware. How do you know if you possess these qualities? Ask yourself these questions:

  • When someone speaks into your life about an issue that you need to work on, how do you react? Are you open and teachable or do you get defensive?
  • Are you humble enough to admit what you don’t know or do you think you know it all?
  • Are you self-aware? Do you know your blind spots? Do you know the areas that are holding you back from going to the next level? What are you doing about them? 

If you do not possess these qualities, do everything you can to develop them. If you’re not sure, ask your boss, they’ll let you know!

If you’ll do these 5 things consistently, you will get more opportunities and options at work!


  • What are some things you have done to get more options and opportunities?
  • What is one thing on this list you can do this week?

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