5 Years Can Change Everything (Part 1)

I am finally entering my last semester of college! Other than anxiously awaiting not having to come back here in January, I’ve taken some time and reflected on my college experience. Although I’ve been in college longer than a lot of my friends, I realize I am a completely different person today than I was when I graduated high school in 2003.

Over the next few days I want to talk about where I was 5 years ago, what I’ve done over the past 5 years, and where I see myself going over the course of the next 5 years. Hopefully encouraging you that anything can change over time!

5 Years Ago:

  • I graduated high school with a 1.6 GPA (667 in my class of 708) as Pastor John would say, “I made it possible for people to be in the top half of the class!”
  • My mom passed away
  • I had no purpose, plan, or direction for my life
  • I thought if I were lucky I’d get to be a janitor or truck driver (nothing wrong with that, it just isn’t in my heart to do)
  • I was drinking all the time and doing all kind of drugs
  • I had gotten fired from every job I ever worked (Sheetz, McDonald’s, Bob Evans)
  • I felt so lost and alone as all my friends were going off to schools and about to move on with their lives as a result of hard work and I was staying home with no clue on which step I should take next.
  • On the positive side: I had tons of friends, I was homecoming king, got to experience a lot of cool things in high school…football team, wrestling, dances, etc.

Tomorrow I will go over how my life got changed forever my senior year and how I’ve intentionally lived my life over the past 5 years to get to where I am today.


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