A Once in a Life Time Experience

I read this quote in a Life is Good book once, and it helped change my perspective on life:

“Everything is a once in a life time experience.”

That’s a fact. We may go to the same places and interact with the same people on a consistent basis, but each interaction is a once in a life time experience.

Too often, we look at once in a life time experiences as things we can cross off our bucket list. Visiting a special place, meeting a celebrity, or accomplishing something great. While they are all great experiences, we will be very disappointed if we spend our lives only looking forward to “bucket list experiences”.

John Maxwell said, “Everything we do we should approach with a first time, last time mentality.”

Everything we experience we should experience as though it’s the first time we’ve ever done something or met someone, and when we leave, we should walk away as though it’s the last time we’ll ever do that again or spend time with that person.

If you want to start enjoying life more, develop this mentality: Everything is a once in a life time experience. You will become more thankful, more appreciative, and value everything and everyone in your life like you never have before.



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