A Tragedy to lots of People

Serve Your Way to the Top – 7 Lessons I Learned While Serving My Way onto a Church Staff

Lesson 2 – Be Comfortable With Yourself

As it is, we see that God has carefully placed each part of the body right where he wanted it. – I Cor. 12:18

I received a card from a student the other day that really blessed me. At the end of the card it read, “You’ve taught me so many things over the years, but I think my favorite is that life is always best when you can be yourself. Please never stop being you. It’d be a tragedy to lots of people.”

“Please never stop being you. It’d be a tragedy to lots of people.”

I read those words over and over again. Why? Because isn’t it easy to think life would be better if you were someone else? If you were doing what someone else was doing? The truth is – when we’re not ourselves – it’s tragic to others and to God.

I’m learning more, now than ever, to be comfortable with myself. The grass is never greener on the otherside. The truth is, if we were in other peoples shoes, did what they did, or had what they had long enough – we’d feel the exact same way we do with what we do and what we have. So in what areas should you be comfortable with yourself in?

1.)  How You Look – None of us can change our genes – we’re never going to look like anyone else. So quit trying!

2.) Your Calling – I Cor. 12:18 says God put every member of the body of Christ where it has pleased Him. The place God has called us to is the best place we could ever serve in. Stop wanting to do what other people are called to do, and focus on what He’s called you to do.

3.) Your Weaknesses – We all have them! Everyone already knows we have them – so stop trying to cover them up and admit them!

4.) Your Strengths – You’re gifted because of God – He’s given you your strengths. So give yourselves to them and develop!

When you’re comfortable with yourself, people will like you, people will follow you, doors will open, and God can use you more often! When you’re not yourself – it’s a trajedy to everyone around you.

(To the person who wrote me that card – Thank you so much and know that it’s blessing more people than just me because I’ll teach that everywhere I go).


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