Act as If

Serve Your Way to the Top – 7 Lessons I Learned While Serving My Way onto a Church Staff

Lesson 3 – Serve/Work as Though You Were on Staff

Work hard to prove that you really are among those God has called and chosen. – I Peter 2:10

I remember before being on staff I set up a meeting with my youth pastor and the youth assistant at the time. They were and still are both very close friends. I told both of them, guys – I want you to treat me as if I were on staff. Give me the same responsibility, same expectations, etc. It opened the door to do some great things. I ended up doing that at ever job I’ve had. I’d meet with whoever my supervisor was and say, “I want more. Treat me as if I were at the next level.”

Some Things I learned from acting as if you were at a higher place than you currently are:

1.) Go the Extra Mile with What You Have – Whatever you are in charge of, make sure it’s getting done with excellence.

2.) Take a Load off Your Superviser – Ask them if there is anything you can take off their plate. What can you do to bless them? What can you do that nobody else would want to?

3.) Make Everyone Else Look Awesome – Make your team better! Compliment them in front of others. Sharpen them! Encourage them to dream bigger. Come along side them on a project and help them through it!

4.) Make Sure the Job Gets Done – Bottom line any leader is looking for is someone who gets the job done. Make sure you’re being labeled as someone who gets the job done, no matter what!

Act as if you were at the next level, act as if you’re good enough to go to the next level, act as if you’re the most faithful person on the planet – because with that attitude you will be all of the above and watch the doors of opportunity swing open for you.


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