Alcohol, Purity, and Our Culture (Part II)


I was inspired to do this series based on conversations I’d hear my classmates have during class and the recent happenings at the MTV VMA’s the other night where sexual purity both got promoted and ridiculed. Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, had a wonderful blog post on this that you should read. Also, I posted Satan’s Sex Ed video that I’d like you to view before continuing this read.

I wear one of these purity rings that I got through a program called Silver Ring Thing. Everywhere I go, I get asked, “Are you married?” and depending on who asks, I give them different answers (Just kidding!). I then go on to explain that I am not married and that it’s a purity ring. I get confused looks and then I like to throw people off by telling them it means “No Ding before the Ring!”. 90-95% of the responses I get are “O” “Thats respectable” “Thats Nice” etc.. The subject of sexual abstinence is so foreign to the majority of this world and that needs to change! So here are some thoughts sexual purity and purity of the heart.

Why I’ve Chosen to Commit to Sexual Abstinence:

  • God has called us to that standard!
  • I want to be able to look at my wife on my wedding day and tell her that I haven’t shared myself with anyone but her… that she was well worth the wait and she has all of me.
  • I want to KNOW my potential mate before I marry her . . . being a guy . . . I realize that if I start wetting my sexual appetite, then how I treat that girl will be to get an outcome that evening…I won’t truly care about to know her as a person (her dreams, passions, etc.), then when we’re married I would start learning who she really is and may not even like her! All because I was selfish in the dating season…
  • Love and Sex are not the same thing – If Sex = Love then Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston would have had the best relationship on earth (I’m assuming some things!) People who have this mindset go into marriage setting themselves up for horrible disappointment and a ton of pain.
  • I want to enjoy a lifetime of good sex! – I’ve come to know that people will have as much sex as they can from 18-25 (average), with as many people as they can, and the end up forfeiting 40-50 years of good sex, for that 5-7 years of monkey sex!
  • I want to be able to look my kids in the eyes and tell them that their parents waited and it’s something they need to do!

I’ve Committed to Sexual Abstinence and Now:

  • As a result, so many choices come with that package…
    • Not being alone with a girl
    • Not dating someone I wouldn’t be willing to marry
    • I would never date someone who doesn’t have the same values as I do (unequally yoked in anyway)
    • Getting strict accountability through mentors if I pursue a dating relationship
  • Once you have committed to Sexual Abstinence, I think as Christian we put so much emphasis on that, that we don’t guard our hearts at all. We need to have pure hearts just as much as we need pure bodies. I want to give my future wife a pure heart just as much as I do a pure body.

This was a bit lengthy, but 2 things before I go:

1.) I can’t tell you the joy I have knowing that on my wedding day I’ll give my purity ring to my wife, and she’ll give me hers, and I’ll look her in the eye and tell her she was well worth the wait. You can do the exact same thing and that should be your vision!

2.) If you’ve already messed up in this area, it’s ok. Again, I say it all the time, but “Although you cannot go back and have a brand new start my friend, you can start now and have a brand new end!” If this is hard for you… send me an e-mail ( and I’d love to talk it out with you.

What are your thoughts on sexual purity?


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  1. Bubba,
    This was an incredible post!I have been working as the follow-up coordinator at Silver Ring Thing and your testimony is awesome. You are right on! May God use you as an example to the youth.

    Your blog is so well written. I love reading it. Keep up the good work and great attitude for the Lord, my friend!


  2. Tara,

    Thanks! I think it’s awesome what you’re doing at Silver Ring Thing! You have a blog don’t you? Hook me up with the URL! Keep going after God with everything you got!

    Have a good one,


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