All About Me (Part 2)

A Few of my Favorite Things

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens . . . just kidding. Here is a fun post on things that I love:

  1. God – He is what I live for – pursuing God is my number one passion in life
  2. Family – I’m pretty excited to start my own! I can’t wait to make that journey!
  3. Ministry – it’s what I’m called to do! I’ll never have to “work” a day in my life!
  4. Seeing Lives Changed – Another thing I live for – my favorite thing about ministry!
  5. Personal Growth – I’ve had a personal growth plan since I was 18 – I’ll never stop!
  6. Learning – I’m consumed with being a lifelong learner and learning something everyday
  7. The Bible – God’s Word – God speaking to me….could it get any better?
  8. Traveling – I want to and I will see the world…(Every time I go somewhere new I sing the song “I’ve been everywhere” by Johnny Cash in the hotel ha ha)
  9. Good friends – I love having people in my life I can laugh with, cry with, dream with, etc.
  10. Getting Mentored – I’m always looking for people that can mentor me!
  11. Leadership – One of my top passions in life! Thanks John Maxwell!
  12. People – I wouldn’t be in ministry if I didn’t love people
  13. Serving – I love serving people in anyway I can to be a blessing to them
  14. Teenagers – I spend time serving these guys daily – Love them! So much p!otential!
  15. Reading – One of my favorite things to do! (No fiction books please)
  16. Achievement – I love actually producing something or hitting goals – it’s why I live everyday on purpose
  17. Bible School – I’ve learned so much here!
  18. Starbucks Coffee – definitely addicted! (Spend $60 a month…not good for the budget!) Grande Coffee w/no room is my regular. Love Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Lattes
  19. Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee – this is usually a treat for me – flavored coffee!
  20. Yankee Candles – Another addiction! I have them everywhere at home!
  21. Holidays – I love traditions so Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas get me fired up!
  22. Decorating – you may think I’m gay for this… but I don’t care – I love it!
  23. MAC – definitely a Mac person – I hate PC’s
  24. iPhone – Greatest invention ever! Don’t know how I lived without it!
  25. Movies – I’m a huge movie guy! Only thing I want to pick when I get my house with my wife is the basement – huge TV, huge couch, surround sound, tons of blankets – YEA!
  26. The Fall – my favorite season! I did a post on why in September!
  27. Running – never thought this would be on here! Just ran a marathon – running is my time to reflect and spend time with God!
  28. Pictures – people say I’m obsessed – but I love memories! I have photo albums of my entire life in my room! I love having that!
  29. Hiking/Biking – I love the outdoors!
  30. Bonfires – who doesn’t love them?
  31. Hayrides – enough said!
  32. Cleaning – yea… I like things neat and in order….
  33. Little Kids – not sure about babies under 2 years old…above that…I love kids!
  34. Food – I love eating!
  35. Eating Out – I love going to new restaurants and trying new things! And spending time talking and getting to know people over dinner!
  36. Victory Family Church – this place changed my life and I work there!
  37. Revolution Student Ministries – We’re touching a generation of teenagers!
  38. 19 North – touching twenty somethings all of the Pittsburgh area – Whew!
  39. Snowboarding – I can’t wait until January! AH!
  40. Social Websites Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc… I’m on top of that
  41. Early Morning – I love getting up early (5-6 a.m. and spending time by myself and with God)
  42. Plays – I love going to see Plays!!!
  43. Dancing – I could own you on the dance floor! (Believe it!)
  44. Setting Goals/Reviews/Etc – I have a ton of systems for goals in my life – that’s a whole blog series though
  45. Christian Music – I listen to everything – mostly Christian music though
  46. Rice Krispee Treats! – One of my favorite desserts!
  47. Cookies – I am a huge cookie guy!
  48. Vacations – this one should just be obvious (But I do like going different places every year – I want to see the world remember!)
  49. Planning – It’s just the way my mind works – I love planning things out!
  50. Life – If you know me – I just try to live life to the fullest. When I say “I’m on fire” I mean it! I literally wake up everyday and cannot believe I get to live my life. I can’t believe it! My life is awesome!

Certainly there are more – this was pretty general. What are your thoughts? Let me know!

Tomorrow – A Few of my Least Favorite things!


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  1. I dont…well Im a teen so thenthat might be why…or it could be cuz my mom is a neat freak so I dont want to be like her in that aera.

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