All About Me (Part 3)

A Few of my Not So Favorite Things

I’m a very optimistic person and try to see the best in everything so making this list took me a while! Please understand I’m not being judgmental of you if you take part in any of these things. I love people regardless of what they do – I just may not like what they do. Now that we have that established here we go:
  1. People Who Don’t Have a Relationship with God – They’re missing out on EVERYTHING!
  2. Drinking – don’t get me started on this! Ahhh!!! I did a whole post on alcohol! (Culture)
  3. Pre-Marital Sex – if people could only see all the long-term outcomes of this decision…
  4. Drugs – I used to do a lot of these as well… that got me far in life (Sarcasm)
  5. Our Cultures Values – just look around… it’s so sad
  6. The “Typical” College Experience – parties, parties, parties
  7. People not having a Vision for Their Lives – we don’t get to go through life again! People need to live for something bigger than themselves
  8. Girls who don’t Value Themselves – this breaks my heart when I see girls give themselves away to or date “crums” (listen to Perry Nobles new series) because they don’t know what their worth (applies to guys as well)
  9. Guys Treating Girls like Garbage – Ladies – DON’T SETTLE!
  10. Carnal Christians- People who know the Word and talk a big game, but don’t live it!
  11. Needy People – I don’t mean people in need. These are people who have no lives so they want to hang out with you and suck the life out of you!
  12. Flirts – people that flirt with everyone! (Beware!)
  13. Fake People – You can just tell their not genuine…BE YOURSELF…geez!
  14. Being Late – I can’t stand not being on time!
  15. Afternoons – I am productive in the mornings and evenings (Coffee times!) – I dread 1-5 p.m.
  16. People Talking During Movies – Pet Peeve – Definitely!
  17. Funerals/Viewings – just not a fan… I’m sure I’ll be a lot of them as a pastor though
  18. The Pirate Ship and Magic Carpet Rides – I get sick every time I ride one!
  19. Tangled Wires – One of my biggest pet peeves! Especially ear phone wires!
  20. Winter – Except before Christmas and when I’m Snowboarding… I hate it!
  21. Dirty/Unorganized Rooms, Cars, Etc. – I can’t stand things being messy!
  22. Talking on the Phone – not a huge fan (unless I’m in love haha)
  23. Voicemails – if you don’t get to the point in 10 seconds – I delete it!
  24. Telemarketing – had to do a ton of this when I worked at Citizens – selling checking accounts over the phone – it doesn’t get any better than that!
  25. Bad College Professors – Seems to be the majority! I wonder how some of these people got hired!
  26. Wasting Time – if I feel like what I’m doing is a waste of time and not productive – I go crazy!
  27. Swimming – Like swimming laps -I want to do a triathlon in the future…we’ll see
  28. Watching TV – not a huge fan unless it’s a sporting event or something
  29. Bad Coffee – like the kind in our staff kitchen haha
  30. Paying with Cash – I know this is a wiser thing to do, but I think it’s a hassle
  31. Long Lines – does anyone like these?
  32. Working on Cars – this includes oil changes, inspections, etc…. I am going to hire someone to do this stuff for me later in life!
  33. Not getting enough Rest – Believe it or not… I get grumpy without enough rest!

That is literally all I can think of….that was really challenging. I really don’t dislike too many things. I’m sure there are plenty of more… but that is enough.



5 Responses

  1. The tangled earphones are normaly a result of the earphone being shoved in your pocket and not wrapping them up correctly…

  2. Hampson and Ben – They definitely tangle themselves! If I put a bunch of wires in a drawer and open it the next day they’ll all be tangled with each other!!!

    So…I don’t believe either of you!

  3. Anonymous – cause it’s my blog and I can do what I want! haha…

    Actually… I thought it’d be a fun series and I always like reflecting on my life and learning about myself. The likes and dislikes we’re more for fun… tomorrow I’ll hit up my strengths and weaknesses…

    Try too make your own list… it’s fun and if it’s not (I guess I’m a freak lol)

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