All About Me (Part 5)

Strengths the Strengthen Me

I’m going to wrap this series up this week – today with my strengths and then I’m going to (at someones request that I thought would be cool) do some posts about my family and the impact they’ve had on me. Next week – you guys voted on Cleaner and Closer – I’m pumped about that!

So I went over my weaknesses last week – here are some of (what I believe) are my strengths. I would definitely recommend asking people around you about your strengths and weaknesses – I think sometimes we think we’re good at things that we’re really not, and vice versa. So here is my list:

  1. An Encourager – I am constantly trying to encourage everyone around me – I love lifting people up
  2. Optimistic – I always try to see the best in everybody and every situation
  3. Leadership – I think I have a lot of natural leadership abilities, however, natural abilities will only take me so far unless I develop them – this is a process.
  4. Hunger for Growth – I am compulsive when it comes to learning – I’m constantly reading books, listening to sermons, asking people questions, etc.
  5. Communication – I’m a good communicator
  6. Planning/Organization – I actually really enjoy this stuff – kind of weird haha
  7. Connecting with People – I usually tend to get along with almost anyone pretty easily
  8. Networking – I’m pretty big on this . . . always trying to find people that can mentor me and pour into my life
  9. My Natural Good Looks – I’m hot lunch haha
  10. Faithfulness – I’ve tried to make it a point in my life to be faithful with everything God’s blessed me with
  11. Servant – I always try to go out of my way to serve others

I think if I had to nail down some of the things God’s gifted me with – those would be it. . . Any thoughts from those who know me? Is that accurate? Totally off? haha … let me know.


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  1. From the short time that I’ve known you, that was pretty accurate. However..I would have to add that your honesty and integrity is amazing.

  2. Just catching up…there’s lots to add! The man with the golden chin!

    You’re teachable…so open to learning to admit weaknesses and grow for God’s best.

    Loyal…a life long rock of a friend though the good and the bad.

    Word/Faith based…one of the mighty men you’d want committed to you as an example of how to live life.

    Lastly…fun. Life is never boring when you’re on fire!


  3. Look who decided to leave a comment on the blog!!! I won’t reveal your identity (:-)) haha…

    Thank you for the kind words…

    And I know that one day you’ll get the revelation that you really can be on fire everyday! Even through the hard times . . . maybe if you started listening to some real Bible Teachers you’d get MORE revelation haha…

    Love you brother!!! (Used my Sbux gold card today – loved it! Thanks!)


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