All About Me (Part 5)

Strengths the Strengthen Me

I’m going to wrap this series up this week – today with my strengths and then I’m going to (at someones request that I thought would be cool) do some posts about my family and the impact they’ve had on me. Next week – you guys voted on Cleaner and Closer – I’m pumped about that!

So I went over my weaknesses last week – here are some of (what I believe) are my strengths. I would definitely recommend asking people around you about your strengths and weaknesses – I think sometimes we think we’re good at things that we’re really not, and vice versa. So here is my list:

  1. An Encourager – I am constantly trying to encourage everyone around me – I love lifting people up
  2. Optimistic – I always try to see the best in everybody and every situation
  3. Leadership – I think I have a lot of natural leadership abilities, however, natural abilities will only take me so far unless I develop them – this is a process.
  4. Hunger for Growth – I am compulsive when it comes to learning – I’m constantly reading books, listening to sermons, asking people questions, etc.
  5. Communication – I’m a good communicator
  6. Planning/Organization – I actually really enjoy this stuff – kind of weird haha
  7. Connecting with People – I usually tend to get along with almost anyone pretty easily
  8. Networking – I’m pretty big on this . . . always trying to find people that can mentor me and pour into my life
  9. My Natural Good Looks – I’m hot lunch haha
  10. Faithfulness – I’ve tried to make it a point in my life to be faithful with everything God’s blessed me with
  11. Servant – I always try to go out of my way to serve others

I think if I had to nail down some of the things God’s gifted me with – those would be it. . . Any thoughts from those who know me? Is that accurate? Totally off? haha … let me know.