All About Me (Part 7)

My Family (Part 2)

So yesterday I talked about the impact of my parents – today I want to hit up my sister, brother, and grandparents – here we go:

Grandma – My grandma awesome! When I was little I told her that she was the best cook in North and South America – today I believe shes the best cook in the world! My grandma is the typical movies you see in movies and want to cry because their so cute! She’s a blessing… She taught me:

  • How to treat women – how to be a gentlemen (ladies – believe it! haha)

Pap – Pap: I call him “The Icon” . . . I’m pretty sure I got my sense of humor from him! He is hilarious! He was a pilot in WWII and has all kind of cool Nazi gear including a gigantic Nazi flag that I hope to inherit someday that he stole from the Nazi’s! He taught me:

  • To Fish – He loves to fish – so many great memories of fishing trips when I was little
  • How to Treat Women – He was a stud… it’s been passed down!
  • To be proud of family – He is a family man for sure and 100% Italian!

My Sister- Sara, I know if you’re reading this – you just gulped….thinking what the heck is he going to say about me! First and foremost you better know I LOVE YOU! Here are some things I’ve learned from you:

  • How to make fun of parents for their quirks – What’s in the fridge? ha ha
  • Repentance – When I was in high school I wasn’t exactly on fire for God. For years, I beat my sister up verbally – calling her worthless along with some other things. As I’ve grown up I had to apologize for that and repent…huge lesson.
  • The Power of my Words: In calling her names and in now calling her beautiful and things like that – I can see it in her eyes the effect that my words have on her life. I need to carry this over into every arena of my life.

My Brother – So technically he is my half brother- but I consider him to be blood. He is 16 years older than I am! What I’ve learned from him:

  • The Power of Influence – being 16 years older than me I obviously looked up to him growing up. I wanted to be like him, do what he did, etc.. It’s amazing how impressionable we are as children. It’s a constant reminder that people are watching my life and I have to think to myself – am I leading by example – or am I showing them a bad example.

So there you have it – that is my family… if you have any additional questions – let me know! I believe this will be the end of this series! Thanks for reading!!

I encourage you to write each of your family members name in a journal and write the lessons you’ve learned as a result of having them in your life. It is eye opening…it will give you 100 more things to be thankful for during this season!

Have a great day!


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  1. Wow Bubba what a great series.
    I really love what you said about the power of words. I didn’t realize it, but i never really build up my brothers. I think as a fun experiment i will start to and see what affects it has on them 🙂
    Anyway to answer your question my real name is not Rain, though i dearly love that name. I plan to name my daughter Rain Marie when I have her. However, it will be quite a while before that happens and since you don’t know my true name and i so thoroughly enjoy Rain, you can feel free to call me that until I do give birth 😛 lol
    But hey just to help my creditability a little, I will tell you that I’m not just some random stranger, I met you at camp last year 😉

  2. My friends just informed me that I sound as if i may be saying I am presently pregnant in my last comment. Fortunately, since I am unmarried, I am not. When I said “in a long time” I meant a REALLY long time as in like years and years.

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