Are You Calling Time Out Consistently?

16But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.  -Luke 5:16

Catalyst Takeaway #6 – Call Time Out Consistently

Rick Warren dropped some amazing truths at Catalyst West Coast… one that I thought was so simple, yet so profound was the power of getting away. He said that we need to:

Divert Daily – Do something everyday that energizes you – run, play a game, watch a movie, read… and leave work at work!

Withdraw Weekly – Literally, one day a week you become “Dead to the World”. Have a family night, relax all day, go for a walk, but you should take an entire day to yourself each week.

Abandon Annually – We need to go away every year and lose the laptops, lose the cell phones, etc. Recognize the world can get along without you. You don’t want people to be dependent on you anyway.

We live in such a crazy world where it is so hard to disconnect. I often wonder where we’d be if we just called time out, spent time listening to God, spent more focused time with friends and family, spend more time just being.I think we’d all be in a much better place…



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