Are You Clear on what God Called YOU to do?

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.                                                         – Jermiah 29:11

Last Catalyst Takeaway: In Times of Uncertainty – Go Back to what God called YOU to do

Andy Stanley is amazing! He talked about leading in uncertain times … Here were my key takeaways from his talk:

Uncertainty is the Arena Where Great Leaders are Born -We all hate uncertainty, but without it we would have no need for leadership and we’d never become the people God wants us to become through the journey of trusting Him.

You don’t Learn Anything in times of Certainty – We all want certainty  in life – certainty that we’ll be a success, that we’ll know what the next step in our lives is, etc. . .  Honestly… we have certainty in the Word of God that our lives are going to be amazing if we follow Him. In times of uncertainty, we can stand on the certainty of God’s promises (His Word)

It’s Ok to be Uncertain, It’s not ok to be Unclear -You can be uncertain about what you’re supposed to do as far as the plan is concerned, but you have to be clear in knowing what God called you to do.

The Clearer You Are on What God’s Called You to, the less Uncertainty will Matter -When you know the Word and know what God has called you to do, obstacles seem so much smaller and easier to tackle.

What can you do proactively in what God has called you to do now? – Stop waiting for everything to be certain and get busy for God today. Andy always says, “You’ll never be more than 80% sure” – so step out do something!

What is the vision God put in YOUR heart? If you don’t know, spend time in prayer, think back to the beginning of your Christian walk before everything got so “complex” – what did you dream about? What do you KNOW He told you to do?


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