Are You in a Leadership Environment?

46And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions. -Luke 2:46

I’m recognizing that a key to growth and success is the environment you are in. The environment you were raised in,  the environment you work in, and the environments you choose to put yourself in.

The environments you position yourself in will be a determining factor on whether or not you succeed in life.

I’ve been so blessed to be in the leadership environment at Victory Family Church for the past few years. Here are some things I’ve noticed about leadership environments that work:

1.) They make you better than you really are –this can be a downfall. If we’re not careful we’ll think we’re amazing, when really, we’re just in an amazing environment where leadership is valued. We must be humble and learn as much as we can about why the environment works, so we can apply it when we enter a non-leadership environment.

2.)They Empower You to Lead – They don’t have micro-managers, they have leaders that empower you to make decisions, hear from God, develop your team, and leverage your creativity.

3.) They Don’t Let You Settle – There is accountability for results. They demand the best out of you, give you honest feedback consistently, and coach you when you need coached.

4.) They allow you to Grow – Personal growth is highly valued. Growth opportunities are available for you.

5.) They Allow you to Fail – If you’re in the right environment, you’ll feel safe failing. Just remember to learn from your failure and not to repeat it!

5.) They Teach you to Create Leadership Environments – It’d be easy to leave a leadership environment  think it will be just as easy to lead wherever we go. It won’t. We must learn how to create a leadership environment that works and the only way I know of to to do that is by seeing on modeled and being a part of it.

I know that one day, I’ll have to create a leadership environment on my own, and I’ll have to rely on what I learned while I was in one.

So, my question for you is:

Are you in a leadership environment? If you’re not, I’d consider finding one to be a part of. Find mentors who are currently in one, join a local leadership network, or visit organizations where there is a leadership environment.

I’ve been in leadership environments and I’ve been to places without them, there is no comparison. You’ll never be all that you can be unless you’re in an environment that will make you all you can be.



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