Are You Losing Your Identity in Your Geography?

“Never substitute your identity with your geography” –James MacDonald

I was listening to Jame’s Macdonald’s series on Identity on his Walk in the Word program last week when he said, “Never substitute your identity with your geography.” That statement moved me.

So often we find our identity in our geography. I work at _________. I went to _________. I’m married to _____________. I go to ______________. I hang out with _____________. I live __________.

Well, that’s great. Until whatever you find your identity ceases to exist. You lose your job. Your kids grow up and move out. Where you went to school doesn’t help you anymore. The people you pride yourself on knowing don’t help you impress the people you’re trying to impress.

In my life, finding my identity in the wrong places has been the source to some of my greatest struggles. You don’t realize how much your identity is wrapped up in something until it’s no longer a part of your life. That’s when you really find out where you find where your security comes from and what your identity is really rooted in.

If you are finding your identity in where you work, what you’re a part of, your current role, or who you know, realize that all of these things can only provide temporary security and none of them will last forever.

Ask yourself, if I lost everything I pride myself on today, would I be ok? If you wouldn’t, your finding your identity in the wrong place.

James finished his message on finding your identity with this verse:

This is my command be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go! -Joshua 1:9

God is with us wherever we go. That is where we need to find our identity, security, value, and worth. We need to rest in this truth.

No matter what job, No matter what role I am in, no matter who I know, no matter where I go, no matter what I am a part of, no matter what happens in my life, God is with me.

I don’t think anything can give us more security in who we are than that.

As you go through life, never forget that God is with you WHEREVER you go.


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