Are You The Underdog or The Favorite?

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” -Matthew 19:26

In life, would you say that you are you an underdog or the favorite?

In my experience, for most people, it depends on who they ask. I’ve found that in life, some people will always view you as the underdog. They think you have no chance of ever doing anything great, being anything great, or going anywhere in life. Usually these people are not afraid to let you and everyone around them know that they think you’re an underdog. These people drain you, cause you to stop dreaming, and can ruin your life.

Then there are people who will always see you as the favorite. These people think you can do anything, be anything, and go anywhere in life. These people will energize you, motivate you, and cause you to dream big and go for it.

You need to choose which type of people you’re going to listen to. My advice is simple: get around the people who see you as the favorite and ignore the people who slap the “underdog” label on you. Prove them wrong.

Above anything else though, the most important thing you can believe is to believe what God believes about you. God thinks you can do anything! God believes in you! He created you to do great things. His belief in you is really all you need to excel and succeed in life.

If we’ll learn to believe in and rest in what God believes about us, we’ll believe in ourselves and won’t need the praise of others and we won’t be negatively impacted by the criticisms of others. We need to become dead to both! 

Truth: You a favorite in God’s eyes regardless of what others say about you and frankly in spite of what you’ve said about you.

So start seeing yourself as successful. See yourself as the favorite in life. See yourself accomplishing all of your God-given dreams. Believe in the greatness of your God!




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  1. I think this is very true. Sometimes it is hard to identify the people who don’t believe in you because they very well could be people closest to you. I have found that you have to listen very closely to find out who truly empowers you and who is holding you back. In my opinion, when people view you as the underdog it usually has very little to do with anything specifically about you as a person and everything to do with issues they are dealing with. Its very hard to believe someone else can do something great if you do not believe that you also possess the ability to do something of the same capacity.

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