Ask Anything Friday 10.31.08

You know what to do….ask away!


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  1. I would try to complete everything on my “Bucket List” (I’ll probably have a post on this toward the end of the year) If I had to name one thing it would be:

    1.) Go on my honeymoon! haha… (Ok… so thats they typical Christian guy answer…but I’m pretty pumped about it)

    Is that what you were trying to get out of me?

  2. If Pastor John were to hand you the keys to his house and say, “Bubba, the Family and I are going on vacation. I want you to watch the house for me and feed my goldfish Norman…Oh and by the way, NO PARTYING!!” Would you:

    a. Do as he asked

    b. Throw a party

    c. Both

    p.s. PJ will never see this

  3. Caitlin!

    This year I would have probably stolen Sean’s Batman costume (especially his pants!) haha… Or the Joker… it’s easy for me to think I’d make a great Joker like (Heath Ledger), but when I try to act, people are very quick to tell me I am horrible at it! So for now… I can only pretend when noone is looking…

    Have a great Halloween!

  4. Seriously? The batman costume?? Wow. That’s pretty sad…

    If you had a choice to do any job in the world (even if you made it up) what would you do? Or would you keep your current job?

  5. Allison – I loved Sean’s costume!!

    Job – I love what I’m doing right now… when it comes down to it… I love making a difference for the Kingdom of God. As long as I am making an impact in peoples lives for Jesus… I’ll never consider myself “having” a job. When you love it and your passionate about it… it’s never work. Since I’ve been on staff at Victory… I can honestly say I haven’t worked a day! I love what I do!

    Does that answer your question?

  6. Haha…. I loved when “Captain Underwear” knocked over the keyboard! I think that one of the greatest moments in Revolution history!

  7. Dude, that was terrible. He has GOT to pay more attention!!

    Yeah that answers my question pretty well. Honestly, that’s the answer I was expecting, I just wanted to see if I was right.

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