Let's Chat Friday 11.12.10

It’s been a while since I’ve had an Ask Anything Friday… I’m changing the name to Lets Chat Fridays… Ask anything made me feel like I have all the answers… which I don’t!

So let’s chat… Leave your questions or comments in the comment section of this post.

We can talk about anything… The blog, a post, Ministry, God, Leadership, Fitness, P90X… You Pick!

Let’s get a conversation started…


2 Responses

    1. Thanks Chad! I’m checking out yours right now! What marathons have you run?

      If had I could do anything, money not an issue, I would:

      Do all the things I’m pursuing with my life now. All I’ve ever want to do is add value to people! Whether it’s through becoming an author, a pastor, helping people become fit, etc. As long as I’m helping people and pointing them to Christ, I feel like I’m living the dream!

      On the dreaming side of things, I’d want to pastor a church that is changing the world and I’d also want to create a business that would impact the world through Christian values.

      What would you do?

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