Ask Anything Friday 11.14.08

It’s already Friday – Thank God! Time is flying by!!

You know what to do… questions in the comments…

Let’s see what you go…


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  1. Anonymous…. One-Reveal your true identity!

    Ben Rath and I have decided that one of our pet peeves is anonymous commentors!

    Anyway… I would go to the store and buy a pack!

  2. Luann,

    I’m assuming you’d want me to say I’d pay off your trip haha.

    Ummm with a million I’d –

    Tithe, Sow a ton of it, Buy a house… travel a bit… save/invest the rest.

    Good enough? I know it’s general – but that is what I’d do!

  3. Is there a possibility of having that Old Geezer choir from the video, perform at 19north?

    Nothing says it like old ladies stipping!!….sick

  4. Tara – Great question… Hmmm….

    I think my answer would change daily… right now I’m thinking of a deep dish pizza I had in Chicago… it was amazing… I’d be happy going out with that right now…

    What about you?

  5. actually the reason i asked it was bc that was the first question that popped in my head i didnt even think of my trip haha!

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