Ask Anything Friday 11.21.08

So I just got back from my trip to Atlanta – it’s time for Ask Anything Friday!

If you’re new, ask a question on anything you want in the comment section and I’ll answer it….

Lets get some good conversation going…


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  1. Serious question this time…haha

    What would you be doing if you were “not” called into the ministry;Be it youth or whatever?

  2. Hey Rain,

    Good question… I knew I had a call in my life in 7th grade… looking back… I think I’ve always just known. It’s something you can’t fight and you just know… it’s so exciting…

    Good question…


  3. How about this one,
    How did you get into the ministry? I also feel the call to the ministry, and I am moving towards it. However, I haven’t begun yet. In fact the closest i’ve gotten to “ministering” to anyone is my blog (which is definitely a work in progress), so i find it fascinating to hear the stories of people who were once in the same position as me. I would love to hear yours 😀

  4. Since it is already 1:03am you can answer this next week if you want..

    But I was wondering as to what you want to accomplish in the next 2-5 years?


  5. Rain,

    Great question…

    I believe if you’re serving in any capacity you’re in ministry. That is how I “got into” ministry
    That is how I see person after person get into it. Most people I see get into ministry just served anywhere they could, anyway they could, anyone they could and as they proved themselves faithful, God opened door after door after door.

    I started interning at my church right out of high school. If I had to set up and tear down everyday I’d do that, pick up trash, etc.. Then came an opportunity to give an offering, then to speak to jr. highers, then Sr. High, etc.

    At one point I told two people on staff at my church to treat me as if I were on staff. Have the same expectations and give me equal responsibility.

    My whole point is… if you want to go into ministry, do ministry! I’m doing the same things now that I was doing two years ago for free, but getting paid for it. If you’ll keep a servants heart and be faithful, God will be faithful and open up doors you never dreamed would open in your life!

    And… it will be so awesome you can’t even put it into words!!

    Get excited!!!

    Hope that helped!


  6. Katie,

    You were late!! Here is my short answer… I can always show you my short and long term goals, along with my bucket list sometime if you want me to.

    In 2-5 years I’d like to get my Masters in Theology and Organizational Leadership, I’d like to write a book, and I’d like to be a Pastor.

    That’s a short list… but big goals I have for the next 2-5.

    Good enough? Or do you want more?

    Let me know,


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