Ask Anything Friday 12.5.08

It’s that time of the week… leave your questions in the comment section…..


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  1. Bubba, thanks for the incredible letters. You’re amazing! I am going to share them with the team. Have a great weekend! Judy

  2. No prob Judy!

    You were all a major blessing to me and everyone else in the Cadre!! I miss you guys! Tell everyone I said hello!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. How EXCITED are you to graduate from Bobby Mo?

    I think I read somewhere on your blog that your calling is to become a Senior Pastor, when and how did the Lord speak that into your heart?

    . . .and congrats on finishing up your last semester! Now just don’t fail during finals week 😉 haha.

  4. Hey Tara,

    I have been joking that I’m going to streak across campus when I’m done! I’m very pumped to graduate. It’s hard for me to actually realize that it’s happening.

    Umm… I knew God had a call on my life in 7th grade. It was just something I’ve always felt in my heart – I just know. As far as being a senior pastor – I’m not sure… that’d be sweet. I just want to be as effective as I can for the Kingdom – if that’s as a Senior Pastor – great – if not . . . I’ll be right where God wants me, making as big of an impact as I can.

    What about you? What do you want to do?

  5. We will all certainly miss seeing you around campus. Your charisma and determination for the Kingdom is so very encouraging.

    As for me, I am unsure what God holds for my future; however, He has most definitely been showing me some unique characteristics and talents which I never thought I had. I know God will do incredible things with those talents He has blessed me with -Just no clear direction YET. Trust is a virtue!

    Thanks for asking!

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