Ask Anything Friday 1.9.08

question-markIt’s been a while – thought I’d throw in a wild card ask anything Friday:

If you’re new – ask any question you want in the comment section an I’ll answer it – have fun!


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    1. Strengths and Weaknesses in ministry

      Strengths – I think God's gifted me with a gift for leadership and communication – I need to constantly be working on these two.

      Um… I'd say right now weaknesses I'm working on would be – empowering people to live out the dreams that God placed in their hearts. I often think I'm bothering people if I ask them to do work – when i could be equipping them and helping them realize their dreams! Also "being there" wherever I am. Sometimes I have so many thoughts going through my mind that I can ignore whats most important people and relationships. I need to Be there!

      There is a few… thanks Sell

  1. Cmart – Great question – wow!

    Obvious answer – I'd want whatever God wants me to do! What I would rather have – I think while I'm young I would love to take over a church or ministry because I still have a lot of growing to do (I always will have growing to do) but I don't think I'm prepared to start something yet. As time passes if I knew God was telling me to start a work I would, but that is something I would definitely never do unless I know that God spoke to me – too risky!

    Thanks for making me think! Looking forward to a Cmart ask anything Friday!

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