Ask Anything Friday

Here we go… the 2nd ask anything Friday! I’m posting this tonight for a few reasons:

  • To give you night owls a chance to ask questions
  • I have a wedding tomorrow night so I want the questions early
  • So I can go straight to the gym when I wake up and don’t have to post this then

So ask away… Anything you want… I’m an open book on Fridays (or Thursday nights)


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  1. 3 Items on a deserted island… I’m just making the assumption they’ll be food and water.

    1.) Bible – I could read this forever…

    2.) Iphone – the greatest invention of all time. I could people the location of where I am! I would never be bored!I’d have music, video, etc.

    3.) My Photo Albums – I am obsessed with pictures! They always fire me up! I love looking back on different moments in my life.

    All 3 of those would keep me going!

  2. Caitlin,

    Great question… Hmmmmm…

    I guess I’d have a few answers:

    The simple answer that you don’t want to hear is: Wherever God leads me!

    **Out of all the places I’ve been to so far: I’d probably want to live in Boston.

    Overseas: This would HAVE to be God… I don’t have a desire to live overseas, but if God called me to go somewhere for a year, I would.

    Characteristics of Places I’d like to live:

    *Must have a sweet church near by (that I could get a job at lol)

    *Must be near a big city with lots to do

    *Would love to be near a body of water!

    *A city with lots of traditions

    I know that was a long answer… but I could pretty much pack up and leave and live anywhere!

    Did that answer your question?

    What about you!?!? (Assuming you live in Pittsburgh)

  3. Tara lol…Most Embarrassing Moment:

    Probably in 5th grade… I was a chubby kid who had a crush on the “hottest girl in our grade”. I was always friends with girls until they found out I liked them. Well… one day she found out and she hated me the rest of the year.

    So I go to a pool with my buddies one night. It was the first time I had ever taken off my shirt at a pool. I felt macho because I was with my boys. Well, as I walked out of the locker room that girl popped out of the water and screamed, “AHHH HE HAS BIGGER BOOBS THAN I DO!”.

    At this point I ran into the showers, put my shirt back on, and cried for two hours.

    Embarrassing? You better believe it….5th grade scarred me for life! Haha… although now it’s a great story to share when I speak lol.

    What is yours?

  4. I don’t have a question. I just wanted to say hey. I’ll be fielding your question to the Faction tomorrow.

  5. Oh my!!! That is a great story to laugh about now – I am glad you can!

    My most embarrassing moment: Hmm…The worst was the day I walked home with the popular preppy girls from school. Just as I walked to my door, they asked if I wanted to go on a walk to the candy store a few blocks away. I hesitated to go because I really needed to use my bathroom, but I totally felt awesome they asked me. Of course, I went. We got our candy, and the girls walked out the door as I stood there. . .peeing my pants! I took one step as they realize what was leaking from the bottom of my jeans! It was terrible especially since I was a 14-year old peeing her pants!

    haha! oh boy!

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