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Ask Any Friday is here….so lets hear your questions… if you’re new… leave a question as a comment and I’ll answer you. Question can be about anything….

Lets see what you got…


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  1. What are you more afraid of some one not liking you because of who you are or someone not liking you because they think your incapable or 2nd rate… or none of the above

    and why?

  2. Hampson… I LOVE YOU!

    I think what you’re asking is would I rather have someone like me or respect me. If someone wouldn’t like me because I am incapable of doing something… I don’t think I’d want to be friends with that person!

    Anyway… I would say I am in a transition! I used to care so much about people liking me for who I am. I’m slowly realizing that no matter who I am, there will always people who don’t like me.

    So I am transitioning into a season of my life where I stop trying to please everyone to get them to like me to a season where I’d rather live an impressive life and have people respect me. Basically, the question I have to ask myself is:

    Do I want to be a leader or a clown?

    Hope that helps….

  3. Old Testament in book of Revelation…

    I’m guessing you don’t know me!

    I would be the last person that could answer that question, although I could get you the man who could!


  4. Josh – Ridiculous question… I love it!

    I want to be remembered as a man who:

    1.) Loved God with all of his heart and touched a generation of people for the Kingdom.

    2.) I’d want to be remembered for being a great husband. That as a result of our marriage my wife would see all of her dreams (and more!) come to pass, that looking back on her life she would recognize she got to go on a journey in life that she never dreamed possible, and as a result of our journey together that she became everything God called her to be!

    3.) I’d want to be remembered as being a great dad! I can’t believe one day God is going to trust me with kids! I am pumped though! But I want my kids to be able to say that their dad raised them to live a life sold out to God, that their parents drew out their God given gifts and talents, and released them to change the world through the dream that God put in their hearts.

    I’ll probably do a whole week blog on legacy and things like that coming up soon so stay posted!

    Love you brother…

  5. Bubbs,

    I loved the other questions….Q2 There are exactly 245 references to the Old Testament in the book of Revelation….Yes, I’m a Bible nerd.

    And secondly, I look forward to the blog on Legacy….For a rediculous question, i knew I’d spark something…LOL

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