Ask Anything Friday 6.26.09

question-markAlright.. It’s definitely been a while… and since I’m resting and recovering today – I want to put the ball in your court.

If you haven’t participated before – here’s how it works:

Ask my any question you want in the comments section – about my personal life, ministry, leadership, God, etc. and I’ll do my best to answer it by the days end.

Ask away…..


4 Responses

  1. Most embarrassing ministry moment…. Hmmm…..

    I took a group of our student leaders to McConnell's Mills… by the end of the day I had:

    1.) Lost half of our group in the woods
    2.) Had the police, police dogs, and police choppers looking for the lost students
    3.) Had a girl in our youth group get in a car accident on the way with another girl in youth (and didn't call her parents)
    4.) Locked my keys in my trunk for 1 1/2 hours
    5.) Lost 1 of our leaders in the woods for 5 hours
    6.) Had several of our lost students come back in cop cars
    7.) Had to tell the police that we were Mormons when he asked what group we were involved with (I didn't want to tell him our church haha)

    By the end of the day the students called it "The day from Hell!" . . . However, looking back, it is one of our favorite stories and memories . . . that is one of the pros of being in youth ministry!

    The most embarrassing part though was explaining it to our executive pastor and seeing his reactions!

    There you go….Thanks for the question Josh…

  2. WOW!! You totally trumped me Bubba. I thought mine were bad:

    1. Shoes disintegrating while preaching.
    2. Burping in the microphone.
    3. Missing a service because I got lost trying to find the church.
    4. Preaching an entire message with my fly down.
    5. Getting a speeding ticket in Ohio which was the total cost of the offering I received just minutes

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