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Alright… a little something new to the blog. I got this idea from Brad Cooper who is a youth pastor in South Carolina.

So this is your chance to ask me questions… Ask me anything on the comment section of this post and I’ll respond today.

I am just testing this out to see how it works out… should be fun!

Ask away!


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  1. I don’t know where this question came from, probably the highly caffeinated coffee that I got at he gas station this morning.

    If you could travel solo on an elevator for 30 floors with any person (that is currently living) who would it be and what would you ask them?

  2. Kind of a weird question to ask, but I was wondering what are the top three biggest insecurities in your life that you are currently facing? And how do you plan on dealing with them?

  3. Martin… you nut! You got gas station coffee? What is wrong with you? I still need to get hooked up with the french press!

    Anyway… to answer your question:

    30 floors… one person… it’d have to be quick… Hmmm…

    I’m thinking Keith Moore, Erwin McManus, or John Maxwell…

    Probably John Maxwell and I’d ask him what the price is that he paid to get to where he is today. To get to where a lot of these guys got to took and incredible amount of sacrifice … they had to give up a lot to go up… I’d want to know that price!

  4. To Anonymous… that is a loaded question… a bold one for someone who chooses to remain anonymous! Here is your answer though:

    3 Insecurities:

    I often feel inadequate – I am very hard on myself and I am constantly comparing myself with other people. I find myself saying, “I know I am gifted in this area, but I am not as gifted as that person, etc.” I never really feel equipped to do what I do and to go where I want to go.

    My Self-Image – I think everyone deals with this to a certain extent… I guess for me… it’s going to be believing that a woman will marry me and love me for who I am and regardless of my weaknesses, whether they are physical, emotional, or spiritual..That is hard for me to believe!

    My Future – I believe God has called me to do huge things (HE HAS!), but trying to see how I will get to where I am now to where I’ll be doing what God has put in my heart… it can be scary to dwell on…thoughts start coming: that will never happen, keep dreaming, then that leads to inadequacies…

    How do I deal with them?

    Well.. I used to cry to friends… complain… try to find my answers with them… that got me…NOWHERE!

    The more and more I grow the more I realize Jesus was right when He said, “You’ll know the truth and the truth will set you free” So my battle plan has become GET IN THE WORD OF GOD!

    I have to continually renew my mind in the areas of my insecurity. If I am down in an area…I’ll find scripture (truth) on that area and read it and rehearse it over and over, I’ll listen to sermons on the subject, read books, etc… Until I have the truth about what God says about me in my heart.

    When I see myself the way God sees me… All of my insecurities slowly fade away and I become free and confident to live everyday on purpose.

    I hope that answered your question.

  5. Regarding the matter of insecurities, the Word of God is TOTALLY the place to be. Knowing what God says over you is ESSENTIAL to our understanding our purpose. What a great God we serve that He tells us right there who we are and all that we are to become! 🙂 My question would be this: What is something that God has taught you/brought you through that you now understand why you had to undergo(IE-A refining, an epiphany)? How has He used that in your personal life? In ministry?

  6. I like “Ask Anything Friday”. My question is, where did your deep, heartfelt connection with ketchup come from?

    My real question has several parts (no need to expand on each in great detail, short answers will do).

    1. Two years ago, where would you have thought your life would be at today?

    2. If you saw yourself being somewhere different than where you are, would you trade where you are for where you thought would be (if this was even possible)?

    It’s not a trick question (even if it feels like it).

  7. Bethany,

    Hmm… I could give you 10,000!

    Probably the biggest thing I’ve gone through that has changed my life looking back was when my mom passed away. At the time I was an atheist…long story short…when she passed away, the only thing the bothered me was I wasn’t sure if she ever accepted Jesus or not. I had no clue why it bothered me…

    3 months later I get a random phone call from a distant relative I’ve never met telling me that she was a nurse in the hospital my mom was at and got a chance to share the message with her and my mom accepted Jesus.

    From that moment on… God had my attention and my heart. It took a few years… but because of that incident I turned my life around and haven’t looked back since. That was the start of my walk with God as well as stepping into ministry (long story).

    Long story in a short response… Did that answer your question or do you need me to elaborate?

    Thanks for the question…

  8. Ben Rath! I wish I could say my addiction to ketchup came from something cool like trying ketchup when it came in two colors (green and purple, remember that?), but it’s just something God blessed me with!

    Great Questions… Short answers…here we go!

    1.) 2 years ago – no… I wanted to go to NYC and work in the business world. (What a joke!) 1 year ago – Yes!

    2.) I wouldn’t trade where I am now for NYC. I did get an internship offer over the summer for Catalyst in Atlanta (big opportunity), but turned it down. That may be an option down the road… who knows.

    The world is so big and I want to do/see so much in so little time. I just trust God that He’ll open up doors to the desires of my heart.

    Love you brother…

  9. No, that was great. 🙂 Because to me, that speaks of the intimate God we love. God knew your heart. God knew how to grab your attention. It absolutely blows my mind to think that God is familiar with all of my ways and the BEST ways to get my attention.

    Thanks. 🙂

  10. Okay so it’s definitely not Friday anymore. What a great idea by the way!

    My question: How in the world do you have time to read as many books as you do? Random but seriously wondering because I have a hard time finishing one book in a month!

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