One lessons I have been learning over the past ten years is that it never hurts to ask. The Bible says that we have not because we ask not. Ten years ago, I was an intern under Pastor Larry Bettencourt. He encouraged me to ask out influential leaders to coffee and to ask them questions. It’s something I’ve been doing ever since and something that eventually led to my Learning to Lead podcast.

Can I be vulnerable for a minute? Every time I ask a leader out to coffee or to meet in their office, I am scared to death! In fundraising, I have to ask people for money, and every time I do, I’m nervous. In fact, anytime I have to ask anyone for anything, I get a bit anxious. But one thing has enabled me to keep asking time and time again . . .


More often than not, when I ask, the answer I get is a yes. I’ve found that people are more than willing to meet and share the wisdom and experience they’ve acquired. People are more than willing to give money to a cause that is making a difference. People are more than willing to _____ (fill in the blank).

Too often, we don’t ask because we’re afraid. We are afraid of being rejected or afraid of what will happen if we actually get what we’re asking for.

However, if we never ask, we’ll never receive, and we’ll always wonder, what if? What if I had asked? What if they said yes? What would that mean for my life?

So let me finish this post by asking you a question:

What could be on the other side of the ASK you’re afraid to make? A new mentor? A raise? A date? A spouse? A restored relationship? The money you needed to start your company or church? The money you need to raise for a special project?

The cost of not asking will always out weigh the cost of asking.

So what are you waiting for?


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