At the End of This Life

Below is a quote from a sermon by Carter Conlon that has changed my life. I come back to it often. I hope it inspires you to live your life with the proper perspective.

“Isn’t a better testimony to get to the end of this life and just say, “It’s been all God, it’s been all grace, it’s been all goodness, it’s been all mercy, it’s been all glory, it’s been everything of Christ and nothing of me. Isn’t it wonderful if you get to the end and whether you’ve preached to ten or ten million, it doesn’t really matter, but you get to the end of the journey and your children say, “Mom, dad, how did such change come into your life, how did you become the person that you became, and at the end of the journey you don’t have a list of books for them to read, you don’t have a stack of proverbs, you don’t have a whole list of how-to’s, you have only one name on your lips, only one victory, only one direction, only one God.”

–Carter Conlon, Lead Pastor, Time’s Square Church



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  1. I do give God the credit and the glory for a life made new. I had a kidney transplant in June and it was a miracle ofGod. I am a Bible believing Evangelical Christian. If you wish I have a blog on my transplant and God’s Divine healing I am sweetysengravin on twitter

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