Attitude is the Difference Maker!

“Attitude is the difference maker.” –John C. Maxwell

Do you want to get promoted? Have people like you? Win in life? Become a leader? Have doors always opening for you? If so, I encourage you to become a student of attitude.

Growing up we all hear about the importance of our attitude. I’ll never forget my high school principle’s famous slogan, “We all need to have an “Alleluia” attitude.” He would go on, “Wake up everyday and say, “Alleluia! It’s great to be alive!” 

Hearing so much about attitude while I was growing up, I thought it was all hype. Now, the older I get and the more of life I experience, the more I recognize that attitude makes all the difference in the world.

Your attitude will get you promoted or cost you a promotion.

Your attitude will get you a job or lose you a job.

Your attitude will make you a leader or cost you your leadership.

Your attitude will help a team win or help a team lose.

Your attitude will cause people to love being around you or cause people to avoid you.

Your attitude will open doors or close them.

Your attitude will allow you to grow to another level or keep you stagnant.

Your attitude will allow you to see the possibilities or cause you to see lack.

Your attitude will get you through anything or hold you back from ever moving on.

Your attitude will allow you to try new things or live a mundane, boring life.

Your attitude will draw mentors to you or push them away from you.

Your attitude will allow you to learn the lessons in life you need to learn or cause you to never learn anything at all.

Watch the people around you everyday. Look at the differences between those with good attitudes and those with poor attitudes. Watch how attitudes effect every person in every area of their lives. As you become a student of attitude, you can’t help but notice how big of a difference it makes.

Attitude is a lot more important than we have given it credit for. Your attitude is always a choice. We can’t choose or circumstances and we can’t choose what happens to us, but we can always choose how we will respond to our circumstances.

Choose to have a great attitude, no matter what. I promise you, it will make the difference and set you apart every time.




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