How to Attract Everything You Want

“The Law of Attraction: You attract who you are, not what you want.” –John Maxwell

When I met Laura I was 17 years old, I had a huge crush on her! However there was a problem, I was a “young punk” with a 1.6 GPA, not living for God, and was on my way to nowhere in life. Laura was an honor roll student, a student athlete, on fire for God, and was on her way to attending Carnegie Mellon University. Not exactly a match made in heaven. In fact, if something didn’t change, there would be no Laura in my future. Ten years later . . . I am marrying the girl! What happened? How did I pull that off?

In reflecting over the past 10 years of our relationship, I realize that I got Laura in the end because I became someone who Laura and her family believes is worth marrying. She certainly wouldn’t have married me if I was the same person I was when I met her.

Why am I sharing this story with you? Because in life, you will always attract who you are and not what you want!

  • You may want to marry an awesome, on fire for God girl or guy, but are you on fire for God?
  • You may want to have a certain position in an organization, but have you developed the skills necessary to handle that position?
  • You may want to attract someone who is physically fit and grooms themselves well, but are you in great shape and groom yourself well?
  • As a leader, you may want to attract A players, but are you an A leader?
  • You may have a huge dream, but are you becoming the person that you’ll need to become to see the dream come to pass?

You will always attract who and what you become, not who and what you want. So instead of spending your life dreaming about what you want and who you want, spend your life developing who you are. When you become who you should be, you’ll attract everything you want.

What are three tangible steps you can take in the next six months to become more of the person you need to be to attract what you want?


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