Back When I Knew it All (Part 1)

I went to the Toby Keith concert last night. It was a descent concert, though I am realizing that the more places I go the more I find myself reflecting on everything happening around me. For instance, at the concert last night:

  • I watched the performer to see how he “whews” the crowd
  • I watched the crowd to see what they get excited about
  • I was looking around at the sea of people (dreaming of seeing them gathering for something bigger than getting wasted and singing songs in order to escape reality for an evening).

One artist that played was Montgomery Gentry. They have a new hit single called “Back When I Knew it All” that talks about how wise we thought we were as teenagers only to grow up and realize we were totally clueless.

I want to take this week and talk about some beliefs I may have had in the past few years that have gotten shattered. These things have been life changing for me and have come as a result of pursuing growth on purpose. I hope they will benefit your life.


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