Back When I Knew it All (Part 5)

“Man I Don’t Know, Where the Time Goes, But it Sure Goes Fast”

I remember back when I knew it all, I thought I was immortal, thought I’d be in high school forever, and I thought I’d be friends with the people in high school until the day I die. I remember on my senior trip walking the beach with my boys and vowing that we’d be boys forever! Then we graduated, talk about a wake up call!

In Psalms, David asks God to teach him to number his days, to allow him to realize how short his life really is. In James, it says that our life is but a vapor, we’re here and gone in the blink of an eye. I think everyone needs to live life with this perspective: That before we know it, we are going to stand before God and be accountable for our lives. John Maxwell has a quote that rocked my world in getting this perspective:

  • “People will summarize your life in one sentence, pick it now.”

I’ve gone to several funerals this year and purposefully listened to what people said about the person that passed. Often and sadly I would hear things like, “He or She was a nice person” or “They were so funny, man could they tell stories.” I began thinking to myself… how sad. Their lives are summarized by telling a few jokes and being nice. God created us for a much higher purpose than that.

What is it God put in your heart to accomplish while you here? What sentence do you want people to summarize your life with? What will that dash in between 2 dates stand for on your tombstone?

I encourage you to pick the sentence you want people to summarize your life with and do everything you’re can to pursue that purpose in your lifetime.


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