Be a Great Number 2

Serve Your Way to the Top – 7 Lessons I Learned While Serving My Way onto a Church Staff

Lesson 4 – Be a Great Number 2

This is very similar to the last lesson, “Serve as Though You Were on Staff”, the difference – this one you’re actually on staff. Most people have aspirations of going to higher levels as a leader. Higher levels of leadership comes through higher positions.

Be a great number 2, and when your time comes, You’ll be a Great Number 1

A lot of people want to have the position of the person they report to. Unfortunately, they go about this by trying to out do them, talk poorly about them, some just flat out tell the person – I want your position and I’m coming for it. None of these approaches are healthy or effective. My advice – would be the same advice a mentor gave me a long time ago – “Be a great Number 2”

What does being a great number two look like?

1.) Supporting Your Supervisor No Matter What -believe in them regardless of anything that comes up that upsets you.

2.) Submitting to Your Supervisor no Matter What – If you’re not the #1 guy – that means that it’s not your organization. You don’t get to make the decisions, they do. When you have your own, you’ll call the shots. Until then – always give your input, but once a decision as been made – you submit and support it, no matter what!

3.) Allow Him/Her to Focus on the Big Picture – #1’s shouldn’t have to set-up/tear down, sweat the small details, or anything else along those lines. They need to be freed up to focus on the vision of the organization, provide direction, and then lead. Take care of everything else!

God said if you’re faithful with little, He’ll make you faithful over much. If you’re faithful as a number 2, you’re time to be number 1 will come. When it does, you’ll be grateful you were a great number 2.


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