Be the Most Interesting Man in the World

I love the Most Interesting Man in the World commercials. Two of my favorites are: His business cards say, “I’ll call you.” “He’s the best man in weddings to groom’s he’s never met.”

It got me thinking though, we all would love to be the most interesting man or woman in the world. Right? Whether it’s traveling to cool places, taking up cool hobbies, doing something great for God, we all want to live interesting lives. I just want to encourage you to live an interesting life on purpose.

Make a list of things you’d love to try or do. Nothing is off limits. Don’t ask why or how! Ask why not? Why not me? Why not now?

Here is a list of things to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Go somewhere you’ve never gone before
  • Raise an awesome Godly family
  • Go to a Church that you like
  • Live for God
  • Try something you’ve never done before
  • Join a sports league
  • Make a bucket list
  • Invite someone you admire to breakfast or coffee
  • Throw a party
  • Celebrate others
  • Run a Marathon/Triathlon/Tough Mudder/Iron Man
  • Serve at your Church
  • Serve in a non-profit
  • Apply for a job you don’t think you could get
  • Ask her out!
  • Write a book
  • Start a blog
  • Meet with a financial planner
  • Spend more time with your immediate family
  • Plan a guys/girls weekend away
  • Get your motorcycle license!
  • Get your pilot’s license
  • Go Sky Diving
  • Go back to School
  • Take Dance Lessons
  • Climb a mountain

The list could go on forever. The point is, there are millions of things for us to do to live an interesting life during our short time here on the planet. Life is too short to live a boring, mundane, routine life! Make a list of things you’d like to try a “bucket list”. Then find a way to make 3-4 of those things happen by the end of the year.

You’ll find yourself living an entirely new life by the end of the year that is more exciting than the life you once had!

Go for it! Be the most interesting man or woman in the world!


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