Become More Useful

“Onesimus hasn’t been of much use to you in the past, but now he is very useful to both of us.” ~Philemon 1:11

Have you ever felt like you can’t cut it? That you’re not good enough? That you’ll never be where you’re supposed to be? I know I have.

Be encouraged with this today: No matter where you are in your life right now, you can get better. You can become better equipped, more qualified, and more useful. You can become a better spouse, a better worker, a better servant, a better writer, and even get in better shape. Honestly, if you can name it, you can get better at it.

How can you get better? Try a few of these:

Ask someone that you look up to to mentor you.

Take a class.

Learn a new skill.

Join a club or organization in your area of interest.

Start leading something.

Ask your boss how you could do a better job.

Start going to church.

Start serving in your church.

Serve at a non-profit.

Go to counseling.

Go back to school.

Read books for personal growth.

Listen to leadership and business audio podcasts and mp3’s.

Mentor someone.

Start a blog.

Write everyday.


Make a daily to do list.

Start a business.

Start a network.

Look for opportunities to get involved in areas that you are passionate about.

You’ll only get better if you choose to get better. Maybe it’s true, maybe you haven’t been as useful as you could have been in the past. That’s ok, you can be more useful today than you were yesterday. If you’ll choose everyday to get better, one day you’ll be better than you ever thought you would be.

When that day comes, people that once thought you weren’t of much use, will take note of of how much you’ve grown and you will be in a position to help them in ways you never could before. All because you chose to get better!




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