Best of 2010 – The Best Nuggets from 2010

Here are some great thoughts and truths I’ve chewed on in 2010. I hope they’ll help you:

  • Discipline is remembering what you want
  • God’s word isn’t just instruction, it’s empowerment to do what it says!
  • I can be used by God everywhere I go
  • Success is always being, not having
  • God wants to be as unique with my story as He is with everyone else’s
  • Focus on things that will produce fruit – long term
  • People’s opinions don’t matter, it’s His Word that matters
  • I’m always going to have to choose between people’s approval or God’s approval
  • Apart from God, we can’t do anything worth doing!
  • Job 23:10 – God knows where I’m at and where I’m going, when I come out, I’ll be like gold!
  • II Chronicles 16:9 – I’ll only have victories where I trust God!
  • John 21 – 3 Things I need to do if I love God – 1.) Follow Him 2.) Feed His sheep 3.) Don’t worry about how God is using everyone else
  • Jesus was never confused. He always knew what to say, where to go, and what to do, and we should be the same.
  • The only thing worth giving people is Jesus.
  • World class Christians pray for the world
  • Only Life Focus: To make Jesus famous one person at a time.
  • Wherever I go and whatever I do, I’ll be blessed if I’m following God –Deut. 28:6
  • God is who makes you great, you can never make yourself great!
  • A “call” is not the same thing as “developed”
  • “If God gives you a dream, and the dream comes to life, God shows up, then the dream dies, it may be that God wants to see what’s more important to you – the dream or Him?”
  • “The impact God has planned for us doesn’t occur when we’re pursuing impact. It occurs when we’re pursuing God. At long last after a lifetime of striving God was enough. Not God and impact or God and ministry. Just God.”
  • We’re educated way beyond our obedience!
  • There isn’t a lack of people to minister to, there is a lack of people that have something to say when they minister
  • Daily Choice: Am I going to be a leader or a clown?
  • Prayer: God, develop me as quickly and as solidly as possible.
  • David went from feeding the sheep to serving the King, out of Nowhere
  • You can always be bigger on the inside than you are on the outside
  • One act is better than a thousand intentions
  • Prioritize the relationships that will sit on the front 3 rows of your funeral!
  • When you’re lacking resources, God is helping you learn to be resourceful!
  • To increase your capacity to receive you need one thing: Faithfulness
  • Don’t try to impress, just be impressive!
  • Haggai 1 – When your confused and it doesn’t seem like you’re going anywhere, you probably aren’t putting God’s Kingdom first. (Matt. 6:33)
  • Stop talking about your goals and start working on them!
  • We need to love and serve God for who He is, not what He can do for us.
  • Dig Deep Roots (Character)
  • Boundaries in Life are Incredibly important!
  • Romans 10:11 – No one who believes in Him will ever be put to shame or disappointed!
  • Psalm 113:7-8 He lifts the poor from the dust and the needy from the dung heap. He sets me among princes, even the princes of God’s own people!
  • In all labor there is profit, but idle talk leads to poverty. –Proverbs 14:23
  • Exalt the Word of God over everything else
  • What I love about my heroes (Keith Moore, John Maxwell, etc.) is the God in them!
  • Nobody has a step up on me in the Word! The more I value the Word of God, the more I’ll reap!
  • God’s correction isn’t just correction, it’s preparation!
  • Walk in the light you have, not the light someone else is trying to give you!
  • It’s not what you know, it’s what people will receive!
  • I’d be more effective if I asked God what I’m supposed to do everyday!
  • Anytime you let other people’s opinions fill your heart, you push God out.
  • Promotion comes from the Lord
  • In life, you will have fruit testers!
  • The season you are in is not forever. It will pass and just be a memory of what was!
  • The Lord will be your confidence! –Proverbs 3:26
  • Always ask yourself: “What’s important” Answer: Less and Less
  • If the disciples figured to learn about leadership on the fast track and w/appropriate perks and bonuses, Jesus soon disillusioned them” –J Sanders
  • “The application of: Doing it now has led to my success”
  • Matthew 11:28 – Move with the UNFORCED rhythms of grace!
  • Love God, Love People
  • Quit feeding yourself, start feeding your sheep!
  • Patient endurance is what I need now! Hebrews 10:35
  • Nobody is going to make sure your successful!
  • If God wants you to have something nothing will stop that.
  • God won’t let you have second hand faith, He wants you to have your own!
  • I need to spend unhurried time with God daily!
  • We need to get to a place where if God doesn’t show up, we’ll fall flat on our faces!
  • Know your worth or no one else will!

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