Bieber: Never Say Never Review

Last night, I went to see Justin Bieber’s new movie: Never Say Never. I know what a lot of you are thinking. I thought the same thing when I heard Justin Bieber was coming out with a movie. I was wrong. You are wrong. The movie was awesome! I never review a movie on the blog, unless it’s a must see!

I ended up seeing the movie because a lot of business men and ministry leaders I respect saw it and loved it. They said it was very inspirational and a great business movie as well.

I’m so glad I saw it. I can officially say I have Bieber Fever. Justin Bieber is for real.



Here are some takeaways from the movie:

Social Media is one of the Most Powerful Tools on the Planet – Bieber got started by posting his videos on You Tube. Seriously. Then he started using Twitter. It took him to another level. Justin is proof that social media is a platform to reach the world!

Never Say Never Justin Bieber is the first artist in history to sell out Madison Sqaure Garden in his first show there. It sold out in 22 minutes. That’s incredible. Justin believes in himself, in his gifts, and in his dreams. He just goes for it. He never says never. As a result, he’s living a life that a lot of us can only dream of living!

Put God First – Bieber and his family are Christians! It was awesome watching them all pray together throughout the movie! That fired me up!

Be You – This is some of the best advice I ever received, but Bieber lives it! He is himself all the time. I was definitely encouraged to just be me!

Be Bold – Justin just goes for it. The first time he saw Usher, he ran up to him and asked him if he could sing for him. Justin went after his dreams with complete confidence, that is one of the main reasons he is where he is today!

Give Back an Encourage Others – My favorite part in the movie is when Justin goes back to his hometown and there is a young girl playing violin on the street where Justin used to play. He said, “I used to play on this street too, keep going after your dreams! I believe in you!” The whole movie encourages people to believe in themselves and go after their dreams.

Don’t Judge People When You Don’t Know Their Story – I didn’t know anything about Bieber before seeing this movie. I had all the pre-conceived notions that you probably do. After seeing the movie. I admire that kid! He is the man!

There were plenty of other lessons in the movie… You’ll just have to see it for yourself.




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